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The JUICIEST planner EVAH! 🤩

Aaaand we are baaaack!
Back for another installment of the ✨Filofax Saga!✨

Are we having fun yet? 😎

Sooooo…. this one planner here….. what to say?

It IS the JUICIEST planner on the planet

{if Baroques didn’t exist, of course! 😄}

The thing is… I MADE her that much special!

For realz!

I WORKED AT IT! 💪🏼 I really wanted to make that planner work so I dedicated myself to it 😀

As I re-read this blog post, oh boy, so many memories! So much CONS about that planner, so many “but”s.

Yet  I  can  say  without  a  doubt  that  this  is  the  planner  I  used  for  the  longest  period.

It was a in-‘n-out relationship, like those teen love stories that last years with multiple breaks within until someone finally grows up and shift interests 😀

That’s it! 💡Light bulb moment! That’s a very good definition of it — A very passionate and butterfly-inducing teen love! That’s what this planner was for me! 😍

There was this ONE feature  that carried me on for so long and made me stick with it.
That feature was really really important and overtime became one of those crucial things that helped me find my planner peace.

{It really sounds like a teen love, doesn’t it? All the reasons he’s not “it”, yet there’s the ONE thrill you felt for the very first time in your life and you think it makes up for all the ‘wrongs’ so you make it work 😀 }

Ok enough with the silly analogies, let’s get to it!

✨Ladies and Gents, Part 3 of the Filofax Saga is up!✨


Another delicious Chameleon awaits! 🤩

Click right here to read it all or the image below:


I meet ya over there! :))





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