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LimeTreeFruits Planner is BACK! ✨Special Edition✨

Happy Mondayyy love!!!!!

📰 I have some BIG news for you today! 😃🔊

✨LimeTreeFruits Planner is BACK!✨

The one and only classic color burst is back right on time for your 2020 planning fun!


EXCITEMENT is an understatement! 😀


To make it even more juicy, this is a SPECIAL EDITION where I’m bringing back all the girls from the very first planner design I created!

😍All them back together in the one and only gorgeous, colorful and practical all hand-illustrated planner printable!


Now, let’s get a refresher walkthrough of how this goodness  work shall, we?

First of all, this delicious month on two pages overview:



Then, of course the important stuff!

🌷Room to track your monthly expenses

A whole column where you write all the expenses coming up and add notes all related to your monthly expenses:



🌷Boxes to write all your goals for each area of your life month-by-month:

Things DO improve when we set specific goals and, right? 😉

Sooooo… no excuses my love! Write at least one goal for each area of your life and take baby-steps actions towards them!



🌷Boxes to help you create new positive habits in your life and eliminate the useless ones.

Ya, we need to support those goals! Nothing like writing down small habit changes that we can do TODAY to create long-lasting changes. You get plenty of room to work on that as well:



Every little corner that I could create room for extra notes, I did so! All the no-dates empty boxes in the beginning and end of the month are combined to create a whole new writing section for ya:



🌷Even more room to write!

I just can’t help myself! 😀 Notes, notes, notes everywhere!
A BIG box at the end of each month with even more room to jot down ideas:



🌷And of course – moon cycles!



We gotta be ready for the releasing/renewing of each cycle, right? 😀


🌷And let’s not forget the all hand illustrated ladies and their supportive sayings to cheer you on along the year:



This gorgeous, colorful, uplifting  monthly planner printable will be yours on December 7th!


✨Cyber Monday Pre-Order sale is ON!!!✨

👉🏼Save your copy now with a 20% off discount!



Use Coupon code: MONDAYSROCK!

📍Reminder love: this is a DIGITAL FILE!📍 
Meaning you will receive a digital version of the planner so you can download and print at home. No physical planner will be mailed to you! If you are not sure you can print this yourself, take a look at my tutorials on how to do so here. And then go to the freebie section to grab some downloads and test it out!

The sale price ends on Monday 12/2 at midnight and then on SATURDAY 12/7…. oh sweets! Your 2020 LimeTreeFruits Planner Printable will be landing in your inbox!

Can’t WAIT! 🤩

Talk to you again soon!

Many Smooches,



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