✨All that good stuff around you… so what?🙄

I’ve been on a roll recently. Manifesting things into my life just like that!

I think, I slightly ask, therefore I receive!

Hehe! Feeling so magical 😁✨

Yet…. over the weekend I realized how stressing over ONE topic in my life – which wasn’t going as I wanted – was completely keeping me from the fun of enjoying the goodness happening right now. 

I SO know how important it is to focus in the now and be grateful for all that is happening, yet practicing it had slip through.

That ends today!

And I’m tagging you along with me, ! 😃 {if you want to, of course 😏}

In a few hours we are starting the FREE 5 day Refocus Challenge.

In it, we will RELEASE, LET GO and FOCUS ON SOMETHING ELSE other than that *one* thing that is throwing us off the happiness bandwagon.


We are refocusing on what matters!

See this cartoon here from The Awkward Yet?


Totally on point of how important it is to refocus!


Wherever is consuming your thoughts and not letting you enjoy what you have right now, needs a rest.


In a few hours our FREE Refocus Challenge will begin, to help you exactly with that – refocus on what matters.

Don’t be left behind, sweets!

From today till Friday, we’ll give the “topic” a rest, and enjoy life as it is meant to be, happy, easy and flowy – and we’ll do all of this….. together! 😃

Sign up right below so you don’t miss it!

I’ll talk to you again very soon!

Many Smooches,