🐱👩🏻‍💻Working with Cats – a comic!

So… with all that new stuff happening lately, I had to come here and share this goodness as well.

I *just* posted – a few minutes ago – about the New Beginnings ahead of us.

Full Moon, Equinox, New Astrological year, and even a free printable!


If you hand’t checked all that goodness yet my love, this link right here will get you caught up.


And apparently that ‘newness’ bug bite Cinnamon as well.
{Cinnamon is my cat in case that’s not obvious 😀 }


She has never *ever* been a lap-cat, ya know….


So naturally {?!} she decides it was time to try it out – on the most inconvenient time ever.


And naturally again {?!} I had to illustrate the event. 😃 Such a happening needed to be registered.


So here we are –  Cinnamon and I sharing the desk:




This was my very first time creating a cartoon and I’m so proud of it! 😍


One more format because I just can’t help myself and have to flash it away 😆



Hope you all have been having a very productive week, just like us over here ✅👊🏼


Many Smooches,





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