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🤯End of the year overwhelm kicking in? Try this 🌸

Hello beauties! 👋🏼

We are heading to the end of the year and we are heading FAST! As in….. the first 7 days {a week!} of the last quarter are gone already! 😳 Can ya believe this? 😀

And let’s all not pretend we don’t know how it will go faster and faster from now on…. Halloween and Thanksgiving {for those in USA + Canada} and then…. Christmas and a New Year! Wowzers! 😱

All the family and social commitments we have, all the work responsibility we have, LIFE in general can feel too much at this time of the year. Not just in practical ways but emotionally and mentally as well.

Sooo today let’s all take a moment to not loose it completely {😃} and keep strong with this one simple thing we can do at any given moment of our days to shift our perspective, our thoughts and consequently our energy and vibration:






No kidding!


Things are shifted and released just like that {snap fingers} when we focus on having fun as we go through our days.


Give it a try!

👉🏼At this very moment, wherever you are doing or about to do, what can you change/do differently to have more fun while at it? Even if it is a chore, or a task at work.
There is ALWAYS a way to perceive things in a lighter, easy, flowy and FUN way!

There are lots of things that can overwhelm us from now till the end of the year.

Yet we can chose, at any given time, to remember that….

We are in charge of how we feel about our experiences and shift it as needed.

👉🏼And FUN is the quickest way to lighten things up.

Have fun today, love! 🌸

oh, and a side note….. Kardashians! 😃

Wait! don’t throw all the rocks at me yet! 😆

Gaby Bernstein had an article posted on Poosh {one of the Kardashian’s lifestyle blog} and this is something to stop and think about!

Hate’em or love’em, can’t deny those women influence millions, if not billions, of people and having the conversations around energy shifting + choosing our own reality being mainstreamed like that… is what we need! ✨



Also if you didn’t grab your copy of Gabby’s new book yet, I super-recommend you do so ASAP! You’ll devour it just like that! 😃



Ok love, updates done and hopefully reminder super-solidified for the week and months ahead >> have fun to ease your days!






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