👀📝Taking notes on 🎀🌸Bridgerton!🎀🌸

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{🤐 pssstt.. possible spoilers! If you hadn't watch it yet, skip this post!}

My love, this Bridgerton series…. didja watch the first half?

I finally sat down to watch it and…

🌸So many insights that came through with it!

{I love doing the inner work by sitting my ass on the couch and binge watching cute time period TV shows. Not going to lie! 👒😁}

So, there’s this one character that got me thinking about all the many facets of how

Our lived experience shapes up what we believe is possible for ourselves and the ones around us.

Talking about this sweet darling here:


My favorite character, by far!

Why, you ask?

Lemme tell you👇🏼{even if you didn’t ask 😀}

🎀On every single season this woman is a sweet yet solid rock and guidance to her kids on sticking to their heart’s desires and finding love.

She has experienced life with it. She knows what is like. She knows it is possible. She believes in it. She knows how it feels to live it and she wants nothing less for her kids.

Now, let’s remember that nothing is good or bad, right or wrong.

Everything is perspective and the lenses we look at.

With this in mind let’s look at this other darling and fierce mom👇🏼


She drops this jewel on her daughter who’s not sure about saying ‘yes’ to marrying someone she doesn’t love:



She has experienced life without it. She lived with constant lack of security. She lived with a man – the only way for women to feel safe at that time – who did not provide her nor her daughters the safety and stability they needed. And once the man passes, she is left to scrape by and clean up after the mess he left on her hands.

She wants the best for her daughters, of course! So she focus on what – per her lived experiencewould be the best for her daughters 👉🏼 security.

And as she focus on it, she tries to shut down any hopes of a love marriage that her daughter might have.

 Because she didn’t think it was possible. She didn’t live it. She didn’t experience it. 

Again, keeping in mind that nothing is good or bad right or wrong, we can see how:

🎀 Both moms are reacting and believing what is possible for their children based on their *own* lives.

I LOVE seeing this dynamic in the show because it can bring so much light to how WE live life!

👉🏼 How much of what we settle for or believe in is based on our past experiences and a subconscious assumption that it won’t get any better than that?

Or worse… how much of it is based on someone else’s lived experience and perceived possibilities?

♊️ So my love, as we have entered this delicious fun-filled Gemini season {howdy my fellow Mercury ruled peeps 🤩👋🏼} what do you think is possible for you from now on?

Why just that, and not beyond? {I KNOW you are not thinking big enough, my love… I just KNOW it!}

Where did that thinking come from?

⭐️ How can you shape up a new belief and standard and make it feel possible inside of you, with all your might?


My love, those juicy question as innocent as they look can bring so much of our crap to the surface, enlighten us on past and current behavior and move us toward different outcomes.

🌸And with that, I wish you a delicious new week, inspired by different thinking, and new trust in yourself and your desires! 🤩

Many Smooches,




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Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨


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