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Hello my favorite!

☀️How was that eclipse for you? Hopefully fully equipped with the right gear so all retinas were protected and well loved. ❤️

Over here, I was amused by those special glasses. Amused by the fact that besides blocking all the damaging rays, the glasses really got me to only focus on one thing only – the moon being shady to the sun. 😃

Nothing else to see. That was the purpose of course, steady focus on that ONE thing.

👉🏼 And that reminded me of when we blissfuly are moved by this certainty and commitment to a goal and we go all in. We have our glasses on. Nothing distracts us and we stay steady moving forward towards that one thing – the only thing! – we see in front of us.

So juicy, isn’t it? That focus and commitment with a dream, a project, a business, etc

Now, there are people out there, extremely impressive if you ask me, that stay course steady until the end.

Me? {Maybe you too? I know I’m not alone on this} Well, for me some things might get in the way and the metaphorical focused glasses goes off just like that. Distractions creep in.

But then we manage to put them back on, right? Yet, it go off again for a bit. And then on. And off. And keeps rolling like that. 😬 Annoying to say the least.

Tricky thing is that in between those various on-off, some of the off moments last fore-evah and sometimes it feels like the glasses will barely be on again. {reads: the steady focus seems to be gone for good} yet in some other instances,  the interruption is brief.

Now, if you have been feeling this wave of action-taking,  and you are concerned that once again this will just be a momentaneous thing, lemme tell you love:

The planets are all supportive of us going for that action AND tackling head on those moments we get off course.

⭐️ This is the juiciest time to commit to those goals, projects and dreams and not shy away when the glasses {focus} is shaken off somehow.


Lemme explain 👇🏼

We are all familiar with that feeling: the commitment and determination to follow through yet something happens that takes us off path. It keeps getting harder and harder to be back up on that wild action horse and the determination and commitment fades gradually. Slowly that project, dream, that you were so enthusiastic about before — is put aside. Without completion. Yet again.

Interesting thing is that most likely  it is the same old, same old obstacle that shows up every time you want to go for said special project or dream.

It might not *seem* the same. It might be disguised in a diff outfit. Sometimes more flamboyant, some other times more toned down.
Yet always the same core obstacle underneath all the accessories and colors. We recognize it and you can feel that darn thing back.

📍 Now love, besides Aries season and all the planets having a blast-party in it to get us on fire to move, didja know Mercury is retrograde right now?

You prob know that, but did you also know that…

🔥 We can use THAT infamous and feared retrograde to help us move past those same old same old obstacles?

👉🏼 When those obstacles show up in our lives, right when we are trying to go for something that matters to us, that just means, said obstacles need to be looked at, addressed, and processed so we can move forward.

🪨 They will always be there when we make a move, until we intentionally work through them.

If we ignore them this time, they will show up next time when we try again. And most likely they are showing up now because they went unaddressed when they showed up before.

Do you see how this is a GOOD thing?

THE reason we can’t go till the finishing line shows up screaming in our faces telling us 👋🏼 “Hey! Remember me? Me, this one thing you are afraid will happen when you get ‘there’? Yeah, if you are afraid of me as a collateral outcome, you can’t get ‘there’ without making peace with me!”

👣 The obstacle itself is telling us what we need to do next to move forward!

And with Mercury Rx?

👉🏼 Besides dodging texts from our exes, this is THE time to look those old recurring blockages in the eye, acknowledge them, REVISIT them, get to the root of their origins, process them and REWRITE that script. Rewrite it as to claim back the situation and transform it in something that is neutral or that will propel us forward.

Do you see how juicy are the stars setting us up right this moment?

This crazy intense eclipse, landing round and well in an ✨action✨ driven Season {Aries} right at a time when ‘blast from the past’ are coming through left and right, EXACTLY so we can look at those ancient stories in the eyes, create new meanings about them, and …. keep moving.


The eclipse-focused style glasses are ON and any bump in the road that distracts us from the main goal can be addressed because they are meant to show up to be processed and resolved.

So my love, let’s welcome any and all ‘blast from the past’ evens that land in our laps and go in full force towards the things we have been meaning to do for ages!

It is time! ⭐️





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Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨


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