We are meant to stick together, isn’t it? 😍

✨So glad we are!✨

ok love, on this page you’ll find all the ways to get in touch with me.

Be that through the socials {*ahem* I just hang out in a few very specific ones!}, via email or via newsletter.

All the ways to stay in touch right below.👇🏼 Let’s connect!🎀


The Socials: 📸Instagram and Pinterest!📌

Those two are by far the ones I hang out most! Instagram receives all behind-the-scenes and daily happenings in the stories. I might be in there a bit more than I care to admit. 😁

The Blog Updates: 💌 LTF Newsletter

Every time a new post, insight, offer, sale, product or service from me comes around you will receive directly in your inbox a note about it! From the comfiness of your couch + phone! {great duo, I know! 😆}

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The Direct Contact: 📨 Email me!

Oh, yeah the good ‘ol fashion way of getting in touch with someone — email! Can you believe now email is “old fashion way”? Who’d have thought! 😃 And so love, if you have a question, concern or love note that you want to send me directly, send away! The form below will do the trick. Give me at least 48hrs to reply, mmmm’k? 😎

And that’s it, love — all the ways to get in touch with me. So glad we are staying connected! 🎀

Many Smooches,