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Gratitude is in order!

Actually when is gratitude not in order, right?

Lately seems like every corner I look people are getting cozy, cuddly and THANKFUL for the new season, new month, new accomplishments, new possibilities. There is some magic in the air right now. Can you feel it too?

It is so welcoming and fresh.

I have been polishing up the final touches of Tiny Creative Chefs and funny thing is that working so much I totally got into a “beach withdraw”. 😀  With my buns glued to the chair and my eyes glued to the computer screen I have been drooling all over articles/ videos/ pins/ topics that are fall related.

My fave season EVER! So jumping on the thankful-magic-season-changing wagon, I have for you printable Gratitude Notes!

Because there couldn’t be a better time to be thankful for all we have in life as the arrival of a new month full of blessings, magic and possibilities. This lovely idea came from Caressa, a sweet-darling subscriber and I couldn’t let it slide any longer. Who wouldn’t benefit from it? ♥

I am spreading and using them everywhere. At night wrapping up for the day AND in the morning right after waking up. It just sets the right tone for the day, you know? 🙂

And then sometimes it goes to my art kart so I can look at it while I work: // FREE Gratitude Notes

Or my Filofax, computer screen, you name it! They are just cute and handy to have around. 🙂
A sweet reminder of what this beautiful life is all about.

Grab yours below and tell me how/where are you going to use them? What are you grateful today? // Download Printable


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Hope you are having an amazing start of the month sweetheart, and that those little notes will help you see how a magical and beautiful life you are already living.

Many grateful smooches,