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Party people the day has come!!!!

It is heereeeee!

After so many MONTHS of incubation I can not express enough the excitement of putting my creation out to the world!

My very first digital program is ready to roll!

Without further due, I present you:

***drum rolls***

Tiny Creative Chefs!

Tiny Creative Chefs is Here! //


A program all about slowing down, taking time to enjoy and nurture our family bonds while having fun AND teaching children cooking skills!

WHY I am doing this:

Growing up, my parents were extremely busy. *ahem* big news for a parent, right? There was no time for anything and my mom didn’t liked cooking.
She was a smart cookie thou! She would buy me – and herself – tons of children’s illustrated cookbooks to make cooking over the weekend less of a chore and more of a bonding time between “us girls”.

I a-d-o-r-e-d those books and drooled over each one of them. Being in the kitchen with her was so special for me. It was a time just for us to giggle, have fun and actually make yummy treats! Those were very treasured moments to me. ♥

I deeply believe every household needs to experience this.

Every household is a nest where families come together to cherish every moment.

I created Tiny Creative Chefs for that purpose – as a tool to create an environment to bond, connect, learn, have big laughs and grow together. 

Take a peek, people! It is soooo deliciously yummy! You will love it!

{I can barely hold my excitement as you can tell! :D}

Over here you can read more info about it ===> Family Fun!

Many grateful and happy smooches to you,