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Raine //

Hi there, I am Raine, creator of Tiny Creative Chefs. I am so pleased you are here and ready to experiment with your little ones in the kitchen. My parents, just like you, were extremely busy. There was no time for anything and my mom didn’t even like cooking.

But you see, she was a smart lady! She would buy me – and herself – tons of children’s illustrated cookbooks to make cooking over the weekend less of a chore and more of a bonding time between “us girls”. I a-d-o-r-e-d those books and drooled over each one of them. It was my mission to make each recipe look as beautiful as its illustration. And my mom would be there by my side -“assisting me” throughout the process. Cooking would extend to arts & crafts as I always wanted to decorate the dining table to showcase my goodies. And we would both be working on it together. I treasured those moments so much. I deeply believe every household needs to experience this. Every household is a nest where families can come together cherishing every moment. I bring you Tiny Creative Chefs for that purpose – as a tool to create an environment to bond, connect, learn, have big laughs and grow together. I welcome you into this journey.