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Happy weeeekend puddin’! 😀

Are you full of plans to chillax and decompress from the busy week?

Over here I am full force counting down the days to the launch of LimeTreeFruits Planner Packet AND the free 2017 planner!

Yup, you read it right.

F-R-E-E 2017 planner coming up this THURSDAY!

Could it be any closer? 😀

Sooo, as we just entered the weekend and playing with planners is a FUN way to spend some ‘me-time’, I thought this’d be a good opportunity to bring back to the spotlight some printing tutorials and help you get ready for the planner printing fun happening this week.

Note that this guide is specifically to help you print LimeTreeFruits inserts. Other peeps create their work with different settings so those tutorials might or might not apply to their printables as well.

First here is a very very quick overview of the process:

checklist blog


Now let’s get to more deets on each one of the steps, shall we? 🙂

::Step 1 – Cut paper::

LimeTreeFruits inserts are formatted to be printed on the final paper size you will use – meaning pages that are pre-cut to size.

Soooo you cut the pages BEFORE printing – not after.

Now, the ‘standard’ paper size {that you will cut into Personal or A5 size} varies by country. If you are in USA and pop into an OfficeMax to get ‘regular’ paper for your printer you will end up with a stash of 8.5′ x 11′ {a.k.a. letter size paper}.

If you are for instance in Europe, A4 paper is the mostly easily found.

Now, THAT makes things a bit tricky, doesn’t it? If Letter and A4 are slightly different sizes when you trim them down to Personal or A5 so how many sheets do you get from each one?

I am clarifying it all here on this post sweets.


A4 vs Letter cover


Anywho, that post above is more appealing to the geeks out there eager to learn about paper and its variations.

You can skip all that “talk” and go straight to the one below where I recorded a video AND created a handy printable to show you how to cut your pages hassle-free! 😀

Head over here to watch the video or click the image below:


::Step 2 – Feed your printer::

Give your printer what it wants! 😀 Some good yummy blank sheets of paper. 😉 {Remember to feed it the exact paper size you want it printed on – Personal, A5 or A4/letter size}

::Step 3 – Choose your printable::

The fun part! 😀 Browse all the freebies available, get on with the newest monthly planner or if you are LimeTreeFruits members you get even more options – Log in and browse your fave design.

::Step 4 – Save the file::

Suuuuuper-important step. Printing straight from the browser is a hit-or-miss kind of thing. It messes up the size and things look all wonky. To have a neat looking printable ready to pop into your planner, save the file to your computer, open it with Adobe Reader or similar and then print.

::Step 5 – Configure your printer::

That one is the scariest I know, so let’s take a deep breath before proceeding.

First of all remember to befriend your printer. ;) It might get frustrating from time to time but your relationship is a long-lasting one so be patient, get to understand it and give it very clear instructions of what you need.

For instance did you know that not all home printers can print double sided?
Did you know that if you are printing off a Word doc or a PDF file the printer will pull out the pages in different order?

Confusing, huh? I am talking all about it over here and giving you some tips on how to solve those issues:

Extra printing tips


Now that you are getting familiar with your printer let’s work on the settings.

Set aside an afternoon to get it all prepped up. You will just need to do it ONCE! After that every time you need to print something else the settings will be there for you, no struggle needed. 😉

Pick the paper size you want to print to read the tutorial:

Printing Tutorial for Personal     Printing Tutorial for A5


::Step 6 – Print!::


And ya know the best part of it? The time-consuming and scary-looking step “cutting paper” and “configuring printer” just need to be done ONCE a year the most! 😀

Next time, you come back for more this below will be your easy-peasy checklist:

1 – ::Choose your printable::

2 – ::Save the file::

3 – ::Feed your printer::

4 – ::Print!::

HA! You will get addicted to it and all its possibilities as it gets easier and easier every time. 😀

Now sweets, go fire up that printer and I will see ya again SOON with a brand new 2017 free planner for ya. 😉

Many Smooches,

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Hey, love! I'm Raine.👋🏼

Artist, designer and believer that ✨joy & fun✨ are a MUST in our lives. My hope is that my posts will bring you a giggle, a smile, and also remind you {when you happen to have forgotten} of the importance of your own happiness – to yourself and to those around you.

Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨


  1. Mirka

    Thank you for all the work for us. I really like your page, but I am a little bit disappointed, cause I just purchased my new filo in pocket size and wanted to set it up with yours beutiful printables, but it’s only for personal or A5 size… Is there any chance for pocket size version? Thank you!

    • LimeTree

      Hi love, I have tried to use the illustrations for pocket size but they don’t work well. All too tiny and no room to write. :-/ So no pocket size printables at the moment.

  2. Alexandra

    Hi Raine, I love your wonderful paintings!!! But one question: how can I get LimeTreeFruits member? And what´s about that?
    Thank´s for your incredible lovingly work…

    • LimeTree

      Hey sweetie, I will be sending information about it to the newsletter subscribers tomorrow {9/18}. If you haven’t signed up yet, get in there. 😉 >>> {that link will give you the free 2015 planner as well. 🙂 }

  3. Nicole

    Hi, I love all of your stuff, I wish I was this creative and talented. I’m just confused on what type of paper you recommend us to print on for our filofax? I feel like regular paper is too thin, so would a thin card stock work?

    • LimeTree

      Hey sweetie, I actually print on regular paper 28lbs. Nothing fancy. Bu t the heavier the paper, the better the illustrations will print. 🙂

  4. Serena

    Hi, I signed up and received your new 2015 monthly planner, and I love the colors. I notice your instructions are for the Filofax system. I am using the Arc planner and I wondered if the A5 will fit the Junior size planner? Also can I print them in landscape to get two pages per sheet? Thanks

  5. Sheila

    I receive your emails. But I was wondering how I become a member. I don’t have a username or password and I’m not sure how to go about getting one. I would love to see everything you have.

  6. tammy

    I’m on the list, but don’t know if that in itself makes me an official member. ?? When I click “log in” link, it takes me to a “” site. Would you mind clarifying? Love your designs. You have a lot of talent. Thanks!!



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