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All the juiciness you find on this page was designed & created by moi with lots of love, watercolor paper, and daily digital apps and design softwares experimentation.

✨All of them created with the same purpose ::  to bring joy, light & fun to your daily life.✨


Let’s get to it, shall we? :))

✨Art to carry with you

How to Save the World

I found something the other day that I wanted to share. A CRUCIAL reminder to us all that our gifts are important! ✨Of course, I turned it into a printable! :))


Decompress after work with those super-fun, quick-n-easy to fill Coloring Cards. ✨Perfect for an end of the day wrap up! ?Get your color on, sweets! ?

Desktop Wallpapers!

✨Joy✨Wallpapers to carry around with you everywhere you go! Exclusive to newsletter subscribers. Sign up to get your, peaches! ✨Totally free!✨

✨Your Well-Being

The Refocus Challenge!

That one area of your life you feel stuck which keeps you from enjoying the goodness happening right now? It needs your attention and a refocus!

A Self-Care List

Let’s find some itty-bits of time to do things that light us up and have some self-care on! Shall we? An illustrated printable awaits you ?

Self-Care Check-in

And THIS is the sequel of the Self-Care List printable freebie. Grab that self-care list and BRING IT WITH YOU wherever you are! ?

The Feel-Good ToolBox

When shiz hits the fan it’s easier to have a handy list of the most effective tools that help us get out of it, ya? Aaaand here comes the Feel-Good ToolBox… ✨Print it and keep it handy!

Your grateful notes

There couldn’t be a better time to be thankful for all we have in life, right? Blessings, magic and possibilities are everywhere! ✨ Take note and let the goodness flow!

Love Notes + Pick Me Up Cards

Eye-catching love + pick me up cards to remind ourselves we are enough? And that all the work we do is worth it? You got them, Sweets! ??Pop those cards everywhere to remind yourself!