A5 Printing Tips for Filofax Inserts

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Hi there!

A few folks were having a hard time printing it to personal size so to help out some, my last post was about a printing tutorial.
You can find it here —–> Personal Size Printing Tutorial.

So today, I will talk about the A5 size printing.

Yes, A5s are not that big of a deal, but there are some little tweaks that you may like to know.

The easiest way to print an A5 book is to set your printer to “booklet” format and let it use its default paper, like this:

You see there that 11 x 8.5 inches is the printer’s default and the only thing I had to do was to select the “booklet” option.

So, if you print like that, you will end up with something like this:

Not bad, huh?

Well, now let’s look at this other one here:

See the difference?


Let me put them together so you can see it:

Yep, that’s right, the big white frame is all around on the “booklet” printing set up (which is the top one).
And for those of you living here in US, hence using US letter size as default, you will notice this happening (pointed at the right side):

Yep, when folded in half, the sheet is narrower then the orginal Filofax inserts which makes you see some parts of the pages underneath.

Maybe that doesn’t bother you? Sure thing that the big white frame makes it look all very neat!

But if you prefer to have all the boxes widen up as much as possible, and you don’t like the narrow page (for US folks), I would recommned printing them straight on A5 paper double sized.

To do that, just follow the instructions on the Personal Size Printing Tutorial changing all selections to A5.

I hope this helps getting your calendar in! 😀

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

Smooches and Happy Friday!



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  1. Ray Blake

    There’s a third way! If you have A4 paper, just use this in place of Letter size when you print in booklet mode. Cut down the middle, and you’ll have two sheets each of which is exactly A5 size. If you’re looking for plain paper to punch yourself, A4 is likely to be easier to find than A5 and will probably come in a wider choice of colours and weights.

    • LimeTree

      oh, yeah, A4 cut in half is the way to go! Just for folks here in US it gets trickier because of the default Letter size paper. :-/

  2. Melanie J Pierce

    Can you tell me where I can get A5 paper double sized?

    • LimeTree

      Hi Melanie, where are you located? I am in US and that size is not available here. You would have to buy A4 paper and cut it in half. I got a ream from Staples (online). Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Melanie J Pierce

        I am in the US as well…Yes, but doing that you get the smaller pages/print right? I was wondering if I could cut standard printer paper down to A5 size on single sheets and be able to print in booklet form? I hope this makes sense! Thanks!

        • LimeTree

          Hi Melanie!
          A4 paper cut in half is exactly an A5 sheet 🙂 I wrote a guest post about it on Philofaxy —> https://tinyurl.com/adpsap4
          The thing with booklet format is that the printer will use wherever size you feed it and fold it in half. So if you use A4 paper and print in booklet format it will fold in half (A5); if you feed A5 and use booklet format, it will come out A5 sheets folded in half!
          Using US letter sized is the one that you will end up with sheets a little narrower. It is usable but if you have also a Filofax calendar with it, you will easily notice the difference. Does that make sense? So A4 in booklet format comes A5 double sided! 😉

    • Dawn

      amazon sells the A5 paper

  3. Melanie J Pierce

    I am in the US as well…Yes, but doing that you get the smaller pages/print right? I was wondering if I could cut standard printer paper down to A5 size on single sheets and be able to print in booklet form? I hope this makes sense! Thanks!

  4. Cindi

    I’m so confused. I just got a new A5 Filo and it came with a 2015 calendar and I can’t find a 2014 calendar. I went all over town looking for A5 paper to print on. I know it shouldn’t be that hard to print one but I am totally lost now. Help????

  5. Dianne in the desert

    I like using pre-perfed, pre-hole-punched paper that I can buy from Day Timer. Yes, it is pricey, but it is already the correct size and it prints my Daytimer Organizer 2000 forms perfectly. That paper choice will NOT work with A5 forms as shown. So, I use A4 paper and use the “Multiple” print setting. That gives me A5 forms in “two to a sheet” results. My HP printer (Series 2450) does not have the ability to handle A5 paper. I deal with the wide white borders, usually using them for additional notes.

  6. Laurie

    Does anyone know how to do this on a Mac? I am using Preview.

  7. Kristi

    I LOVE YOUR WORK!! Do you make inserts that will print 8.5 x 11? I use a standard binder for my planner since I can’t afford a special made binder. Thanks for all you do!

    • LimeTree

      Hey sweetie, yes. All printables come with the letter size option {which is 8.5×11} 😉


  8. Tanya

    Hi Raine. Do you also offer dividers? Where do I find them?

    • LimeTree

      Hey there Tanya! Yes, the Planner Packet has dividers. 🙂
      Here is the link >>> hhtp://www.limetreefruits.com/planners-2015

  9. Letha

    In page setup, maybe you could set the margins to narrow and therefore get bigger boxes and smaller edges if you use regular 8.5 x 11 inches paper?

    • LimeTree

      I think that would work, ya 🙂

  10. martinne

    I saw some post a picture of a week and then there were day pages cut in half so you could still see the week. I would very much like to print that for a 5. where can i find it here ?

  11. Debbie

    I cannot find the link to the free template for the A5 paper cut out.HELP!

  12. Lyss

    I bought some 24 lb paper and my printer can be set to A4 as well as A5 sized paper. Can I just use the paper I got or would it be easier to just get A4 paper? Thank you in advance


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