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I am baaack with another video!
Can ya believe that? I know, me either! 😀

I just got too excited with the last one and decided to keep rolling, hehe

So this one is all about cutting paper. I did this “trick” over a year ago using a WHOLE ream of paper. And guess what?

Yup, the cut sheets lasted till now. I am estimating still a month or two before I completely run out of it. So love, get it done NOW and worry about it again next year.

No more excuses. I even created the template for ya! 😉

Here you go the short video where I explain how to use it:



If you are curious about extra deets on standard paper sizes and the relationship with the Filofax ones take a peek at my guest post on Philofaxy here.

And for extra help on printing for personal click here and for A5 click here.

Oh, the genius sub-tab idea can be found here.

FINALLY right below are your downloads! Pleeeeease get the word out as many other peeps will also make good use of those templates . 😉

[wpsharely id=”7904″]

 For Letter Size Paper:



For A4 Size Paper:




Have fun stocking up on that planner paper! 😉





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