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Hello lovely!

How have you been hanging in there these days?

>> If it has been hard to navigate I have some things you will find useful in this post.

>> If you have been keeping your energy high, still you’ll find juicy things in here to add to your feel-good-toolbox. {more on that later!}

Now love, I know times like this are SO hard to keep faith and joy and happiness but more than ever it is when we need it.

I truly believe our energy, mindset, perspective, approach, lenses, wherever you want to name it, DOES impact our ability to move through during difficult times, as gently and softly and easily as possible in our personal lives as well as it impacts our collective.

Which is why more than ever preserving our mental and emotional health is paramount.

I was talking to a friend today about how the news keeps on loop the same information over and over again AND how we can truly have a completely different experience when we choose to tune out the excess and focus on the good in life. Even right now.

By that I mean, stay informed. See what is the latest measure taken in your city to combat the pandemic. Do it and then focus on your present moment, right now. This very second.

Focus on the moment, and on things that make you feel better.

Getting the creative juices out – drawing, painting, dancing, singing, crafting, writing – are excellent ways to get your energy levels high.

Get on that wave of energy and then keep rolling with your day.

Are there projects around the house you always wanted to tackle? That blog you have been meaning to write? A “side gig” or even an actual online business you have been meaning to develop?

Anything and everything to keep your energy/mindset high, flowy and good.

Yes, feeling good. It is still possible to feel good at this very moment. Even in the face of uncertainty.

This very moment right now. Right now. Not tomorrow or a month from today. Right now. We have all we need to feel good in this very moment.

At this point focusing on the past is melancholy and focusing on the future is nerve wracking.

Right now is the moment to find that release, and peace and good feelings, if we dare.

Practice this for the next few days, love. Check the news in the morning, ONCE after a couple hours of being awake. {Don’t check it first thing. It will set you off in the wrong path right then.}

See if there are new precautions taken in your city, if there is something for you to do. {Most likely there will not, besides the usual – social distancing, washing hands, etc.}

And then go on about your day. Focus on elevating and keeping your energy as high as possible. Focus on your present moment, your time with your family, your “forced” self-care time, unwinding time. Go on to do something that will make you feel productive and active {mentally and physically}.

At the end of the day, check the news again.

But truly do not check it every second of every hour, do not leave the TV on the news rolling non-stop. You deserve way better than that. I mean it.

There are many things out of our control right now and keeping our minds on those things is just plain torture.

{because… hint, hint >> we can’t change them!}



That was long.

Ok, HA! 😀

Now on with some juicy links to support you with all the above mentioned:

✨A lighter + happier take on our current situation✨

❣️This video has been making its rounds on facebook and is HILARIOUS. It shows us the insanity that goes when we think we can control people, save the world through that control while ignoring our own role in the big scheme of things. >> Very funny! Sound on!

❣️This other video here, also found on Facebook, is a beautiful hope for us all. This girl tells us in a timeline fashion all the roller coaster of emotions {and actions} that has been in China during their outbreak – from the first few outbursts of the coronavirus, to the climax of panic, till the moment people were safe again and life gradually went back to normal. >> It is beautiful and brings so much hope for a relatively quick recover

❣️This one is always a trusty source of goodness in the world at any time of the year. Now and always. The Instagram feed of the Happy news Newspaper, run by Emily Coxhead has been flooding with all the goodness popping out because of the virus >> Happy News is required in your feed!

The Planner Love Feast✨


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❣️Times like this REALLY need to have a spelled out, point by point feel-good-tool-box handy. All the things I mentioned above? Write them down love! Write that list of things you know you can go back to to bring your mindset and energy into better shape. When we are in the midst of mind chaos it’s hard to remember these. >> Write them down in your Feel Good Tool Box

❣️The Filofax mini-experiments! There was a time in my life I fell for the Filofax minis. So squishy, so tiny, yummy, and huggable 😀 So I wrote two post about them, highlighting my favorite ones {well fine, the only ones I have on this size, hehe} one Chameleon and two Finsbury. You don’t want to miss it love!

On this post I’m reeeaally geeking out on a clasp closure. Hahaha love my few-years-ago-self going nuts on it! 😀 >> Mini Filofax Part #1

This other one is actually a TUTORIAL on how to create mini pockets! hint, hint: add to your DIY activities for the quarantine! >> Mini Filofax Part #2

❣️Now that we truly have TIME to sort out our goals and come up with a plan to tackle them….. Welp, it is time to do just that! The Get Planned Course is here for you and will navigate you through the process of truly getting to the end of the year accomplished and feeling GOOD about it – not just frantic, feeling exhausted and unaware why checking things off our lists, didn’t feel good after all.
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Working on your Business✨

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Ok my love, I hope you stay safe, healthy and most importantly SANE!

If you want to chat, I am here!

Really, have we not always been having our relationship through #SocialDistancing? For real 😀 more than ever we both know how this works!

Anything you need, any questions, or comments, or pure chit chat, post it in the comments, or if you need to take things “privately” {😃} through the contact form.

I’m here for you! <3

Many Smooches,




Hey, love! I'm Raine.👋🏼

Artist, designer and believer that ✨joy & fun✨ are a MUST in our lives. My hope is that my posts will bring you a giggle, a smile, and also remind you {when you happen to have forgotten} of the importance of your own happiness – to yourself and to those around you.

Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨


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