😰Business as usual during world crisis? 🌎

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Hellooooo you beautiful being!

How are you hanging in there washing hands, staying safe, etc?

This email was meant to go out yesterday and I almost didn’t post it here.

I had some ‘business-as-usual’ kind of things to say and I thought it would be so insensitive of me to just email you out of the blue talking about “regular” stuff as if nothing is going on out there.

As if our day-to-day hand washing hand’t turn into a life-n-health-threat kind of thing almost overnight.

I felt that if I have nothing useful to say about the crisis I should shut it.

I shrunk so bad.

But then as I was scrolling through my IG feed, concerned about how useless to the world I was feeling at that moment {I know, dramatic 😀 } and I saw one of my fave Instagramer’s post.

As I read her post, I lit up.

I smiled and relaxed right away.

From that post I clicked on her stories to see what was new in her world.

And her stories? Such a release of anxiety, tension and inadequacy.

Now, what was she posting on her feed and her stories that made things shift for me like that?

Her usual stuff.

Her USUAL stuff!!!!

>> She was doing business-as-usual, going on with her day, living life as it presents itself to her.

She posted on her feed a tip on how to optimize your business systems in the back end {as she usually do!} and on her stories she was taking us along behind-the-scenes on her photoshoot.

>> Does she live on planet Earth and is aware of what has been going on?

My wild guess is ‘yes’ for both! 😀

Maybe she did that intentionally or maybe not, but oh, how much don’t we need, SPECIALLY at times like this when so much {real and perceived} fear is running around, such level of normalcy in our lives?

How much don’t we crave a break from the worry and stress more than ever on those crisis moments?

And so I smiled big seeing her post/stories as she shared more of her expertise with her followers. It brought me back to my business and how I love it and how grateful I am for it.

Which then, brought me also to the obvious awareness….

>> Wasn’t *I* just doing business as usual too? Wasn’t *I* doing all my regular daily activities with clients and projects, just like she was doing on her IG?

Why was I so concerned that if I was to show up online and in your inbox I had to have something luminous to add to the virus conversation? Why was I thinking that since I had nothing inspiring or stress-reducing to say I better just shut it?


✨Doing business-as-usual IS stress-reducing!✨

Seeing that Instagramer doing business-as-usual was exactly what I needed!

It was exactly what brought me relief!

It was exactly what brought me back to one of the things I am most grateful for in my life: my business.

The thing is…. everyday I am absurdly grateful for the life and business I created because in situations like that, I can {and I do} stay home and I keep working and doing business-as-usual.

I work for myself, have my own company, communication with all my clients and contractors happen virtually and I can {and have} stayed home for days in a row before without any disruption of my work routine.

Not only do I get to set up said routine’s schedule in a way that works for ME and my lifestyle but I also get to work with people I choose to {contractors AND clients}.

And the most fun {and surprising} part of it all?

I make more money than I have ever done in my life!

Like…. close to 3X more money than I used to do in my 9-5 job.

  • While working from home. {or coffee shops when I feel like it}
  • While starting my work day at 11am.
  • While doing things I love doing.
  • While taking breaks throughout the day as I want to {that includes afternoon naps if I feel like it!}
  • While having **entire days** where I truly can organize my tasks wherever way I want and if a last minute “hey, let’s grab coffee” pops up on my phone, I can re-arrange things quickly and go for it.
  • While being able to creatively expand everyday, never having to worry of a brilliant idea coming through and having to have 3-4 people approve it first before putting it out there.

{^^ This one was always such a heartbreaker for me Working on a 9-5, my brilliant ideas were killed before even seeing the light of the day!}

Now I get to experience all the above {money I want, lifestyle I want, etc} AND I get to let my creativity run wild. I experiment, I test, I revisit, I try something completely crazy and new, all because I can, because I am the one in charge.

And in crazy times like this, when to stop working {reads, stop making money} is not an option for any of us, I am oh-so extra grateful for this ‘lil business of mine where I get to keep doing business-as-usual from home today and everyday.

So my love, considering all those things above, my question for you here is this…..

✨ If you have ever thought about starting your own business, what has stopped you from getting started?

What happened, what killed it?

Because in Coronavirus days, imagine having the freedom to know you CAN keep growing, working, doing the things you love, feeling inspired and inspiring others AND able to actually contribute to a moment of crisis like this one?

Imagine right now, you had that business you once dreamed about. How much easier would it be for you to navigate a world crisis like this AND support those around you?

>> I am not kidding love, I want to know what has stopped you from starting your own business?

This day and age….. we are SO lucky to be living in it, so darn lucky to have access to so many tools, to be able to put ourselves out there and spread our message, our expertise….

Why wouldn’t we then?

Imagine how many people *need* to hear from you? How many people *need* to learn from you? How many people *need* you to do for them that one thing you are so good at {and love doing it}?

I am not kidding love {again, in case you didn’t catch that 😉 }….

>> I really want to know what is stopping you from starting your business.

AND once you answer that, I want to know your most pressing question about starting your own business online – ask me! I am SO more than eager to help you get going and answer you questions!

>> I’m even thinking of starting a FB group of some sorts so we can all chitchat over there and talk about this, get the fog cleared, questions answered and finally get your business OUT THERE!

Imagine a world where we are all THAT free and flexible to navigate such crisis. The difference that would make! The difference for your own life, the lives of the ones around you and difference for the world. {no, I’m not being intense nor dramatic this time, for real!}

I wanna hear from you love.

In the comments, tell me:

✨1. What is stopping you from having your own business?

✨2. What is your most pressing question about starting your business?


I’m seriously eager and waiting to hear from you over here.

Many empowering smooches,




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