Why you will NOT fail NY’s resolution this way… {and reporting from Brasil! 💓🇧🇷}

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A brand new spanking year!

✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨
How amazing is this!

✨Sweet numbers of 2 even!✨

As I type this to you I am easing myself back into work mode from a lovely coffee shop in my hometown São Paulo.

And before that?

Lots of beach time and sunshine in the skin as I spent the break between Christmas and NYE like a crocodile basking in the sun 😆🐊

Hope things have been great, easy and that the transition between calendar years was fun + exciting for you.

Now, let’s talk about that thing people keep going on and on around this time of the year:


New Year’s Resolutions



Absolutely, NONE!

I am going to keep my fabulous self and perfecting things as I go.


Here’s the thing love, NY’s resolution is really not cutting for me this time:

Transformation and change is a daily process.

As we all know once the calendar year changes we don’t magically become something else.

The becoming happens daily, every moment even with every decision we make.

We don’t need any specific calendar day to get started on it. Right this moment is a great one to choose differently. Three months ago was also a great moment to choose differently and become anew. And 3 months from now it will also be a great time to do so too!

Those milestones {calendar year change for instance} are good to create rituals which create stronger commitments within us as we go through them.  But hanging on to them makes us potentially miss the now.

Last year I remember we were still barely finishing September and some people saying “well, this year is over already, I’ll just wait for the next one to focus on this or that”. I wanted to scream and shake people off when I hear things like that!!

What about the 3 months left?! We are still living them!  An entire quarter that people were going to “give up” because of a perceived failure on the past three ones? Even if it was Dec 20th we still can choose to create over and over again something new, something now, in the moment we are living in.

Decisions and commitments can be done at any given time, my love!

We are so worthy of not having to wait until “next year”, “next month” or wherever line we think we need to cross.

Because we will keep working on the changes and doing our best no matter what.

Take that pressure off, love! You already are a diff and more wise version of yourself than you were last year, last month, last week, yesterday, and you will keep going at it.

Now, do I have goals for the year? Yes!


To keep being me, as I am the only one to fulfill those goals.

To continue to be my lovely self, who paradoxically enough is perfect as is right now yet is fully aware to never shy away from looking at that in the mirror, doing the inner work as the natural transformation into new levels are asking for it.

My love, I hope you do the same.

I hope you remember that as you are right now is perfect!

And wherever direction in life you are deciding to take this year, you WILL adjust, tweak and adapt at as you go and as needed.


Welcome 2022!





Many Smooches,



PS : I have been reporting my trip DAILY with pictures and extra info on the Grams! The highlight “Brazil Trip” is getting loaded! For extra beach, sunshine and all around trip insider’s info come over to tag along! 









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