When we operate on Autopilot

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{Pictured here the view from the pharmacy in the story. Gorg, ya? 😍}

Hello my love!

Have you ever thought about how sometimes we can easily shift away from difficult situations?

How sometimes we just do or don’t do something because we are operating on default mode?

The other day walking around the streets of São Paulo {I’m still Here! 🤩}, I was about to enter a pharmacy.

There was a long line to go talk to the person behind the counter. I looked at it quickly and without thinking much of it went on to stood at the end of the line.

A few minutes later, a guy came by.

He had a whole attitude of owning the world, let me tell you! One of those people that seem like everything always function well because he demands it. {side note – no idea if he is like this or if his life works like that for him. Obv it was me coming to conclusions based on his “vibe” per se.}

So that dude – who had this particular “vibe” of things magically always working out for him – approached the pharmacy, stopped before entering and….. just looked. He stretched his neck a little bit to see further down inside just like I did before.

But his next step after that quick glance?

To turn around and go on his merry way.

I am not gonna lie I was a bit surprised. “why is he leaving?” I thought to myself…. “Why would he leave? it is just… a line. Lines happen here in Brasil everywhere – it is just how.it.is!”

An annoying line

An unnecessary line

Yes all true but >> I << had voluntarily stepped on it because in my head the old script of “that’s just how things are down here in Br” was turned on in full mode. “There are lines everywhere. So yeah…. it’s just a line. Stand still and wait your turn, Raine!”

Now, how incredible it is to see that in a split second we can change perceptions of situations and actually CHOOSE to see things differently?

And as a result we act differently.


👉🏼 Two people in the same scenario with completely different auto-pilot running in the background. {me and that dude}

One decides to leave because the line is way more of a hassle than what he wants to handle at this point and the other person chooses to stay because “that’s how things are”.

And so at that moment I did a big loud {in my head} “F** that! I’m out of here” and stepped away from the line.

Now this might seem something small but really love, think about how many things we act on auto-pilot because we are used to it.

Sometimes that autopilot just reinforces a reality that we want to live in — one of ease and flow — Great! But sometimes it goes totally the opposite and we let habits define our standards and how our life will go.

And with that we get to see over and over again, confirmation in our reality of those standards the more we let ourselves live in them.

The odds, huh? 🙂

Great news is that we can change that right now.

At any moment when we notice we are making our lives harder than it needs to be, we can break that pattern and choose differently.

At every moment, at any time.

Hope you are having a great start of the year, love!

Today FINALLY the sun is back here in Sao Paulo and I am hoping for a strolling around town easy + fun like that 😀





Many Smooches,




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