The things that light you up : Part 2 {and my new pink + gold office!}

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Helllllooooo my pumpkin!

I’m back to talking some more about:

The importance of the things that light us up.

I talked about it here and here before.

And today? It’s not about doing but surrounding ourselves with things that light us up.

I’ve also shared with you my not-so-secret love affair with a certain TV Show, {if you missed itΒ catch up here} and how every single time I run it again I get insights about this and that.

The last one, although expected took a diff turn.


It was about art.


I know, shocking! 😁

This time around, watching that TV show really got me into an interesting twist to say the least!

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Planning out a whole re-deco of my place.

🀨 And how on earth can a TV Show about politics in the Renaissance and a makeover of my place be linked? How did I get there?

πŸŒ€ Through art, {also happening in politics!}, discovery, remembering, the desire to go back to a time when I used to study music and art, the Renaissance and its brilliance, curiosity, pondering, possibilities, new but old discoveries, new but ancient old understandings, all them together and then… an art class was next.

An Art History class that is.

And from that?

The weekly museum visits, the lectures, talks started moving within me all the things dormant for so long and there I was asking myself the obvious:

“Raine….How on earth are you living in a place that so NOT resembles your love for the arts & music in any way shape or form? How on earth it has been YEARS that said love has not being around you everywhere you go as it used to be? As it is meant to be!


And so it was time to change my surroundings.


I rolled up my sleeves and got to work.

Of course, the place I live and work {home} had to be the starting point. Specifically the one room I spend the most time in it:


My office.


The makeover took place.

Pink walls were the first step.

It is far from being complete {just the paint is in} but oh, the CHANGE! The change! It feels SO GOOD!

Same place, completely new vibration, feels and perspective.

Yesterday I shared this on my IG:



It reads:

“Yesterday working on a client’ site: Just crazy good how the work flow and MY overall mood shift higher just by being in my special new place. Those wall colors have been more healing and therapeutic than I expected”

And it so is!

Color is healing.


intentionally making your surroundings a reflection of YOU is healing…


And I had forgotten all about it.

I did not see that coming – those warm and soothing feelings within just because my environment was representing me better. Self-expression.Β  It caught me off guard.
{not mad at all that healing and cozy feelings sneaked up on me like that just because of pink walls. πŸ’•βœ¨}

When the first roll of paint touched the wall? I literally started dancing and singing out loud. I finally understood those cheesy ads of people starting new lives in new homes and doing their happy dance while painting the walls. 😁 I felt that.

Now, my love this whole office re-do thing is a reminder. A reminder to us all that —


✨ Even the small things that light us up when present in our daily lives, DO count.
✨ Obvious but forgotten things need to be brought back into existence.
✨ There are layers within ourselves asking to be discovered and re-discovered and our intention on letting them speak is essential!


And this is our call to action from those reminders:

  • What can you do/change/move through in your environment {places, and relationships} to make you feel more like… you.
  • What can be changed in your environment to support you even more?
  • What can be shifted/added to your environment to get you excited about your day by just being in the presence of it?

{That’s literally what those pink walls do to me — By just waking up to it and being in the presence of it I am more excited to start my day!Β  Ya see, love I can see the office from my bed. I open my eyes and those walls and a sneaky peak of the sparkly chandelier is the first thing I see. I literally start smiling just by looking at it, head still in the pillow. I know, cheesy but THAT is how happy this small change in my environment is making me! 😍}

So love… I wanna know/see about YOUR environment change!

What are you doing to get the shift and life improvement rolling through your surroundings?

🏑 πŸ›  Now for those of you that enjoy home re-dos and DIY stuff, I got some behind the scenes for you.

First things first:

This is NOT the first room I am getting all colored in pink. It started in a diff one. And then the pink fever spilled out into the office:


I even did a voting on the options:



But before getting to the walls…. the CEILING was a whole number on itself.
Can you guess the color? {yes, it is in the title of the post already, you know it!}
{And yes again, I was mortified of that third step in the not-tall-at-all ladder 😁 }



And now…




How gorgeous is this? Answer: Extremely!

Now, let’s get to the wall color. Can you guess? Out of all 3 pink options?



To be honest, even I was surprised by my own choice – I’m so bold I can barely cope 😁



I was beaming already, just with the first coat!



This other angle… 😍



And finally…..

πŸ₯‚βœ¨The reveal!✨πŸ₯‚



You didn’t miss that detail, didja? 😏



One more! πŸ˜πŸ’—βœ¨



Now here, I was about to have my very first client call in this happy-filled room:



And here, this last weekend, with my new color- coordinating chair 😍
{and a new desk placement. Trying things out!}



As you see my love, LOTS of things left to do in the room.
Paint was just the beginning, of course!
{and what a beginning 😍}

Coming up next?



Of course…..


’cause temporary paper shades won’t cut it.

And a voting is happening right now for this one, pumpkin!



πŸ‘‰πŸΌFull disclosure: I’ve already chosen the curtain fabric 😁 Still I want to know what would YOU pick for the pink + gold room? Click here to vote.

πŸ“ŒAnd for those of you wanting more details on the process of painting the office {it was something! Even a power outage happened the day I thought things were moving along πŸ˜‘} I combined all stories about the office progress in one highlight right here:



πŸ“Œ AND the rest of the decor exploring and planning {including the first pink room that was supposed to happen and its fancy wallpaper πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ} are all included in this other highlight here:




Ok my love, wishing you an amazing rest of the week and awesome weekend!



Many Smooches,



Hey, love! I'm Raine.πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

Artist, designer and believer that ✨joy & fun✨ are a MUST in our lives. My hope is that my posts will bring you a giggle, a smile, and also remind you {when you happen to have forgotten} of the importance of your own happiness – to yourself and to those around you.

Cheers to this delicious truth! πŸ₯‚βœ¨


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