✨🌀Your perception *can* change your life {📺🦉and wisdoms from a TV show}

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Hello my love! Happy Sunday! 🌸

Once in a while I obsess with a certain TV Show and this week was one of those moments.

The Medici on Netflix.

Have you watch it?

I LOVE it and have watched it more times than I care to admit.

And every time I watch it there is some insight I get about life in general, people, communities and of course, the arts.

I just adore that show

Anyway, on this round, a phrase said right in the very beginning had a diff meaning for me.

One of the clan members drops that motto that the founder of the dynasty lives by:

“Perception is power”
He is talking about perception of the outside, the perception other people have towards them and how they can rule based on how people perceive them.

But it got me thinking about looking at it from a different angle which is oh, so impactful and so true:

Perception HAS power… over us

It sounds icky but it CAN be used for OUR own good.

Lemme explain:

The way we see things, shape up how we feel and be. Based on how we feel and be, we behave. Our actions from those behaviors bring us results. Results that we might have wanted or not wanted.

Imagine for instance, if you want to talk to your boss about a raise. “It’s about time”, you think. But deep inside of you, you have this script running that others always pass you by on promotions, or your efforts are never recognized. “How can I get a raise/promotion if they are not even seeing the work I do right now. Wasted time. Later when annual reviews come I’ll see if there’s a window”.

You see how the perception of the situation had power over the action? {or lack there of}

Or if you are an online entrepreneur and you decide to refund the “only” 3 purchases of your brand new program because you see it as a flop. That perception {and subsequent action} is not only robing your 3 people eager to learn from you from that experience, but also now it is putting extra pressure on your next launch since there’s the fear the same might happen again.

Which brings me to the next point:

The perception of our past — If we had experiences that weren’t good and we perceive new ones as similar, we are {subconsciously, most likely!} afraid of repeating the past and we act from that fear – with reservation, stiffness, concern, protectiveness and an all-around defensive approach.

Now if we had experiences that turned out positive for us, of course we will feel, be and act unafraid, powerful, free, {excited even!} and fully expressing ourselves. Without holding back or fearing missteps.

Our perception, again, shaped up our actions

Based on that my love, even thou it is hard to see it that way, remember that when something happens that wasn’t ideal, it doesn’t mean next time it will be the same way. It is not “happening again”.

It is just happening. It is on us to discard all the feelings wrapped up on what happened before and perceive ourselves and this situation as different.

From there, the cycle repeats with a diff outcome >> we perceive things differently {more positively}, we feel differently, we BE differently, we act differently and our results this time around are different.

So …. question, question question and question again everything you had experienced so far and your perception of it. Shamelessly! Because shifting our perception will shift our outcome.

Perception IS power.
Perception HAS power…. over us.

And we can make it a good one!




Wishing you an amazing and powerful new week!

Many Smooches,




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