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Hello my fave!

Didja know that this thing people toss around all the time >> “you are good enough” << is actually real, not a wishy-washy thing to make you feel good AND it applies to everything in this very minute?

If you are into self develop and/or into doing any kind of inner work, you know and have experienced the changes in your life when you dedicate yourself to it.

Today’s reminder thou is that EVEN thou there is this delicious new person emerging as you are becoming and peeling the inner layers necessary for it, all the things that you want…

You are good AS IS to receive them right now.

You don’t have to do any of the shifting and becoming to “get” that thing you want.


{*Aham* didn’t mean to scream, but kind of did 😀 }

But if you are good enough to receive it all now, will you then continue to do the work?
Of course, you will!

✨Because you want to experience things differently you will continue to move inner mountains to do so.

✨You do the work no matter what because you feel the difference in you and those around you.

✨You will continue to do the work because you want to experience different things and feel differently about them.

That comment from a friend that unintentionally triggered you and you don’t understand why? Of course you will dig in, find out and uncover the root case of it because you don’t want that to be lingering around you {reads, to be triggered by it again}. You want a different experience on this earth. So you will keep peeling your layers to become even more you, clear of any crazy perceptions of yourself and the world.

Now, doing the inner work to “get” something – the money, the career, the man, the lifestyle?

You don’t need any of it, my love.

Because {no joke!},  as you are in this very moment it is SO enough to receive and experience all of them.

Wherever you did or didn't do is complete and perfect for you to receive the outcome you want and even better right now.

👉🏻 The tricky part is when we don’t believe it.
👉🏼 The tricky part is when we think we need to do or even ‘be’ more to receive those things.

Worthiness is unshakable. 

Your worthiness is unaltered if you do the inner work or not.

Take this to your heart today, my love and feel it! — As you are right now is good enough for all of it.

“you are good enough” is not a wishy-washy cute fluffy thing just to make you feel good momentarily.

It is real and it is true.

And it is applicable at any time to everything.




Wishing you an amazing and relaxing weekend!

Many Smooches,




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Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨


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