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Busy times, eh?

I know, I know, it is all so exciting, so many happenings, get-togethers, peeps to chat and family to visit. If you are in the summer part of the globe, there is even the lovely sun, beach, pool parties and fruit frappes to get distracted.
Sounds wonderful till you add on top of that all the not-so-fun parts of of life – work, house chores, dentist and doc app, grocery shopping, general errands, demanding relatives, loud neighbors, needy dogs, chatter-box parrots, and so on.

Oh, the happy life of busy folks!

It is easy to lose track of the best tool ever to handle it all:


Yep!  You are the best tool ever to improve your life! // Self-Care Post-its

Self-care check-in it is!

No, sweets no. Don’t roll your eyes and close that window yet. I KNOW it ain’t easy to talk about self-care and even harder is to believe in it.
But I KNOW how important it is so I am back for more.

Self-care is important to keep going, right?
No, it is important to **enjoy** keep going. It is important to **enjoy** moving forward, it is important to end your day fulfilled and to start a brand new one excited for more.

Sounds unrealistic?

Trust me, baby-steps will make it possible.

If you follow me on Instagram you already had a peek of the new wonderful place we are living right now. Postcard-like views, I tell ya! // Caribbean Beach


{I am drooling all over my own picture, hehe}

And with all that beauty around plus our dreamy new home I managed to ignore myself and let things slide off.

See, moving out of the country, to a brand new unknown one where you barely understand the language, you have no clue of the day-to-day life, systems, “modus operandi”, bringing two cats and many hopes and dreams is stressful to say the least. It is exhausting, daunting and can drain you.

It did it to me!
Since the very first day I got here I have been having a cold AND allergies. Could I had received a more clear sign from my body to slow down a little and take care of myself?
No. I couldn’t. Yet I ignored and kept going.
So many new things to learn, understand, figure out, and settle down. Plus for crying out loud, it is the CARIBBEAN! I just had to get out there and see the beaches around, right?

Nope, wrong.
The beaches will still be there next week. and next month.

So as predicted, my body, mind and spirit were asking for a break. I didn’t give them any and we all crashed together.

In a few days I woke up barely able to talk and in pain, obviously.

Forced to focus on self-care, I went back to re-do my list of things I love and went further. Started doodling – cause it is one of the items on my list! 😀 – and created a new tool for our self-care journey.

I know, it is hard to come up with a list of little, and/or big things that we love, I know!

{**One quick tip is to dig into past childhood memories. What did you like to do as a kid? Yes, they will probably be very simple things, like watching a line of ants walk by you and imagine how their life/home/family/friends are. No kidding I used to do that for hours. 😀 I still enjoy being quiet observing insect and plants till today.**}

Anywho, after scrambling to gather our list, we forget about its existence, don’t we? It was hard enough to put it together and to actually DO IT is just beyond our imagination.

***Enter our new little helpers!***

Self-Care Action Post-it Notes: // Self-Care Post-its


Very simple to work with it.

Pick a post-it and write on it ONE item of your list that you will do today. Start with an easy one. I did the doodling one because nothing fancy is required – just pen, paper and 10 min of my day. Then, next day. Reading….children’s books! Which I never let go of 😛

No more excuses to ignore yourself, right?
Baby-steps, sweets, baby-steps we get there! And we get better at it each time, believe me!

This round of body signs took me only a few days to be aware of. Months ago I could go on for weeks, getting bombarded by signs without having a slight clue of what to do with them or why they were happening.

Baby-steps {to get to know what we like} and practice {to regularly DO them} gets us there.

Let’s do this!

Because, remember:

Self-care creates happier peeps, which creates happier relationships, which creates happier lives, which creates a happier world.

And here it is an illustrated tutorial on how to set up your new printable: // Self-Care Post-its


Easy-peasy, huh? 🙂

Download yours right below: // Download Printable
And now go get your self-care going sweetie.

You deserve it! ♥
Nurturing smooches,