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Today, a very important topic.

That one we hear about everywhere, ya know?

Yep! That one: SELF-CARE

I know, right?
“Enough already, what’s up with people that keep bringing this up? I am fine!”

Yes, you are, I have no doubt you are fine but remember that things can always be better. And that melt down from last month? Yep, could have been avoided.


So I am jumping on that boat and talking about it too, sweets.

Talking from experience by the way. Recovering Melt-Down-Queen over here, gladly letting go of the crown.

Now let’s focus on the task at hand.

**Why is it so hard to take care of ourselves?**
‘Cause we learned that way? ‘Cause “you gotta do what you gotta do” to get through the day? ‘Cause “this is just how things are”? Or {my all time favorite} “I have no time for this?”

I understand all that, because I used to use all those excuses myself.
There, I said it! E.x.c.u.s.e.s. And you know what?

Things didn’t get any better when I hid behind those excuses.

Things were pretty darn stressful and suffocating.

Until I decided to make little things for my self.
Little treats.
Baby-steps to nurture inside.

My first act of self-care was to connect more with nature.
One day, right after a dreadful 8 hrs desk work I popped out of the building and realized right there in front of me a whole parking lot covered with grass.
Off with those annoying heels!
And there I was giving myself 2 mins of refreshing nurturing nature touch. You can read about it here.

No time? Well, I already had to walk from the building to the parking lot. Time was always there I just found a way to make a better use of it.

That quickly became the highlight of my 9-5 job {Yeah, depressing, I know! Only a few minutes a day were the highlight of my day}.

Soon I was carving out even more time for little things that I enjoyed – doodling half hour a day, reading children’s books over the weekend, journaling, sitting outside and so on.

Did I have to give up things to add new fun ones into my schedule? Of course!
Was it hard? Not at all!
That mindless TV watching will never be missed, neither the pointless social media obsessive checking. Who has time for them anyways? 😀

The point is…

We *can* find time for little things that make us happy.

We can dig and replace time-wasters with truly meaningful things for us.

Even if it is for 2 mins a day while you walk to your car.

And you will feel the difference. Those around you will feel the difference. Things will get lighter, easier and happier. Trust me.

Give it a try for yourself!

Let’s find some itty-bits of time to do things that light you up! Shall we?

And OF COURSE, I made an illustrated printable to help with that 😉

FREE Self-Care Printable //

Here it is how it works:

First, brainstorm three, lovely things that light you up: // My Self-Care List
I know that part is not as easy as it seems.
Sometimes we are so into the “doing” that we forget the “feeling”. You may blank out on this first section. I know because I used to. I wasn’t sure what lit me up either. Until I just started doing stuff, experimenting and figuring out what worked and what didn’t. So go ahead and write down anything that comes up. You can totally change your mind or add more to the list later on. 🙂

Second, the darn honest inner check-in. How often am I doing those things? HONESTLY! // My Self-Care List


And the ideal scenario, how would that be? // My Self-Care List


The revealing part: HOW to make it happen? // My Self-Care List
Depending on your routine and schedule, you may need to get really creative to carve out some time to do your self-care list. Or it can be as simple as just asking hubby to turn the TV down a bit so you can read. 🙂 Sometimes no fancy moves are required, just a “go and do it” kind of thing.

Wherever that is, make it happen!

It is not selfish, it is not over the top, it is necessary for your happiness. YOUR happiness influences those around you. YOUR happiness influences your family.

Oh, and make it real! Put it down on your calendar!
You will look at it and remind yourself every week of that commitment with yourself. Even if it is for just 15min. // My Self-Care List

Now let’s do this!
Download your Self-Care List now. Just click the pink button below: // Download Printable

Take time to work on your self-care today, sweets.
You are totally worth it. ♥