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Oh boy! Big, big news over here!

Guess what awesomeness just happened to me last week? // 4th of July


THAT! Can ya believe it?

I became an U.S. Citizen!

And it all happened in a blink of an eye.

So much happening lately. I have been just creating and re-arranging to-do lists after to-do lists, checking off tasks, pulling my hair out thinking of the ones to come and didn’t really have much time to sink in all the big changes around me.

Anywho, the process is all set and done just in time!
In time for my very first evah 4th of July Celebration as U.S. citizen. Super-exciting!

To celebrate, of course, I painted the occasion:

Party flags!! // 4th of July Party Printables 

Look how cute they are all printed and cut! Ready to decorate your cupcakes, tarts, hot-dogs, and the like: // Party Printable
Now, my dear outside-of-US friends. Don’t even dream that I forgot about you! OF COURSE I am well aware that you have some different date to celebrate independence or maybe you don’t have that date in the calendar at all! Maybe you have a national day instead!

Anywho, I wouldn’t forget about ya, sweets! 🙂 Here you have the same set to use on any party occasion. // Party Printables
How yummy is that? // Party Printable


I won’t annoy you too much with close-up pictures of the process this time.
Just ONE. Because it is too cute to ignore.

Look at that: // Party Printables

See the heart popping out of the flag? So round and squeezable, I wanna pinch it! 😀

Ok, enough with the silly talk. Ready to download and get that party started?


For the 4th July set click on the pink button: // Download Printable


For the Party set click on this other one: // Download Printable


Now tell me sweets, if you don’t celebrate independence day on July 4th, when is your country’s scream-out-loud date? Or if you don’t celebrate independence, what is an important date in your country?

Happy weekend + happy summer-party, peeps!
And Happy 4th of July for those of us that celebrate it 😉

Smooches for ya,