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Perfectionism Vs. HappyMe: This Week’ Score

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Perfectionism Vs. HappyMe: 1 x 0 

I sadly realized that perfectionism is harder to overcome than I thought.

A LOT OF MOTHS ago I started working on this.
Then yesterday I just found them laying around under a pile of papers on my desk.

mmmmm, I remember calling a few companies to get quotes to print out the stickers, what happened here?

oh, right! I thought I could do a few more color sample combinations “just in case”.

ooooohhhh dear God, just in case of what? :-/

Now summer is almost over and those two cuties here won’t have a slot on my Filofax anymore:




Perfectionism Vs. HappyMe: 2 x 0 

Yesterday I set myself to finish one of the art projects of an online creative course I’m taking.

I was very scared to get started. White canvas fright:



I started working on it, and it was great! I was having fun and things were shaping till a certain point.

When I reached THAT point that one thingy wasn’t coming out right oh, gosh!!! My world flipped!

I tried to fix it, got worse, tried again, worsen and that is it! Painted all white again to start over :-/

Argh! Overcoming perfectionism is VERY challenging!

Perfectionism Vs HappyMe: 2 x 1

Ok, I got one point at least this week! 🙂

I decided to start, aside of my regular journal, a Grateful Art Journal.

I got very excited with the idea and wanted to start right away! My brain was bubbly thinking how to get started.

HappyMe: “oh, I have the moleskine watercolor book that I use to practice! I can use that!”
Perfectionism: “Are you kidding me? it is a study book! there are a lot of messy things there, can’t be a Gratitude Book!”
HappyMe: “Mmmmmm, but just to start. Just for today’s gratitudes. I really want to put out RIGHT NOW what I am feeling this moment. I will get a book just for that later today, after I put out what I am feeling.”
Perfectionism: “You are starting all messed up already! If you start the first page on a separate book,  your Gratitude Book will always be incomplete; it will always be missing the first page of the first day when you decided to do it!”
HappyMe: “It’s ok, it doesn’t need to be perfect.”

YAY me! Score!!!!!
I did it! One point for HappyMe!

And there it is, in the middle of all the watercolor doodling, my very first page:


  1. Chris: ah, that married life!
  2. Today: It is a very peaceful day, thankful for having it.
  3. Light: I LOVE light! But not “switch-on” light. I love natural light, and having all windows wide open to have all light possible!
  4. Studio: I just created a studio – by just I mean a month and a half ago. It is SO beautiful! SO much light! I could sit here all day long
  5. Frankie: I always thought he was too clingy for a cat. But no, he is just a very loving cat.
  6. House: We are moving. We are a little tired of suburbia. The hardest thing for me will be to leave this house. Specially after setting up this studio. It feels so homy. I love our sweet house.
  7. Possibilities: There are SO many out there! Like a huge fog is out of my way! SO much wonderful things about to happen!
  8. Journal: Starting my new journal! Watercolor everywhere! Yay!
  9. Vision: That may sound silly, but I am very glad to have my vision working, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to see that inspiring light coming thru the window, my wonderful studio and all the pretty things everywhere.
  10. Clarity: To see it all! Not necessarily with my eyes, but to understand things and make sense of them! Everything is getting into pretty, comfy shapes!
So, Perfectionism Vs. HappyMe: 2×1
Not bad at all! 🙂
Thanks again for reading and see ya next time!


Hey love! I’m Raine 👋🏼

Artist, designer and believer that ✨joy & fun✨ are a MUST in our lives. My hope is that my posts will bring you a giggle, a smile, and also remind you {when you happen to have forgotten} of the importance of your own happiness – to yourself and to those around you.

Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨

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  1. Alison

    Ahhh, this resonates with me so much. Thank you for sharing your progress. It makes me smile :-)PS. I have a very clingy, erm, cuddly cat as well.

    • Lime Tree

      Hi Alison! Aren’t they super-cute when they are all cuddly? hehe

  2. Jotje

    LOOOOOOOVE this idea!!!! I have a Moleskine Sketch book in pocket size. It does take aquarelle, wonder if it would accept wet water colors aswell.I’m soooo gonna try this out!!!

    • Lime Tree

      Mmmmmmmm, what is the difference between aquarelle and watercolor? 🙂

    • Jotje

      Looked up the description of the moleskine books: my sketchbook is for “tempera colors” (what the heck is that?!), and the moleskine watercolours notebook is – quelle surprise – for water colours. Haha!

  3. innvestigators

    It is so liberating to let go of perfectionism!!!

    • Lime Tree

      yeah, a big relief for sure!



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