Another Great Match: Perfectionism x HappyMe

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Hello you there sweet reader!

That may be an abandonment feeling in the air because of the lack of posts.

But really, that is very far from the truth! 🙂

I have been non-stop working on my sweet blog for a few days now, and  couldn’t be happier with the results.
All those results thou are actually in the “background”. Not really visible right now besides my new newsletter sign up button.

Can you see it up there in the side bar? 🙂
I think it looks so cute in there! hehe

If you are a new reader you may not know about my “perfectionism quest”.
I talked about it here, here, here and here.

So I have to say that my score for this week’s match HappyMe X Perfectionism was great!
I couldn’t had accomplished so much if I had let Perfectionism take over my projects. Really!
I will give myself a 2X0 plus a gold star 😀
I had to battle it a bit to get the 2nd point and almost got into the 3rd one. So yeah, a gold star will do it!!

As a new week starts here I am to wish you an excellent one filled with joy, care, self-love and a very HappyYou!





Hey, love! I'm Raine.👋🏼

Artist, designer and believer that ✨joy & fun✨ are a MUST in our lives. My hope is that my posts will bring you a giggle, a smile, and also remind you {when you happen to have forgotten} of the importance of your own happiness – to yourself and to those around you.

Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨


  1. Ana

    oh my, I just wrote today about my perfectionism… it can be exhausting trying to be perfect.

    • LimeTree

      Thank you for your comment Ana! Just popped in your blog and left you one too!

      Perfectionism is exhausting indeed! Although it is easier to overcome it when we know that it is not achievable anyways! THANKFULLY it is not achievable! 😀


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