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What’s in it for today?

It certainly seemed the same. But different, you know?

So every single day same old? It is annoyingly depressive.

Then I decided that everyday that is called “today” would be different.

What was different today then?

Today I did this:


No big deal???  Well for me it is. Specially on a week day, after work 🙂

This lovely earthy feeling USED to be part of my routine.
Back in the days when I did my own schedule, dressed as I wanted and didn’t have to drive.

“Oh, you mean when you were a kid” I hear you say.

“No, no, as an adult” I would promptly respond 🙂

Just different careers, different routines, ya know?

Anyway, things change.

Till another “today”.

Feeling happy about my “big deal” action of  TODAY 🙂