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Happy Tuesday my love!!!

Sooooooo I’ve lately I’ve been talking a lot about dreams and fulfilling them.

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Now love, if you are skeptic about this “follow your dreams” stuff or even worse….. you don’t believe those kind of things are possible….

I have a very fun {an colorful!} exercise for you today.

This one is a juicy exercise to lock in strongly the believe that DREAMS ARE POSSIBLE AND DREAMS DO COME TRUE.

Ready for it?


You are going to prove to yourself that you’v been fulfilling dreams all this time!


This is what you’re going to do:

✨List out ALL the things that you once dreamed of doing back in the days and that have just like that, nicely, smoothly…… become a part of your reality right now.

For instance…. back in the days, I used to believe I’d NEVER be able to go abroad to study. I dreamed of this one, really day-dreamed about it, saw friends doing so left and right and I just kept *hoping* my turn would come.

{Now I am SURE of dreams happening and I know how to hold on to a vibration way more efficient and active than *hope* 😉  A topic for a later post✨}

But I was shocked the other day remembering how it used to be such a huuuuge dream that I had no idea how/if possible.

And now I can’t see myself being who I am without having experienced that dream fulfilled.


As in…. “of course it happened! Why wouldn’t? If THAT one hadn’t happened, this other one over there, and that other one here, and this other one right there…. would never have been possible. So of course, THAT one dream happened! It was the door to unlock the other ones!”

‘cause that’s what dreams are for love 😉 to be fulfilled and integrated in our lives so they can take us to the next level that we couldn’t even imagine existed because we were not the person yet to imagine it.

Get it, get it?

Dreams are extremely important to be fulfilled. One by one.  So they can lead us to the next one.

And if you don’t believe they are real for YOU this printable will validate you on that.

Recapping how it works:

✨Write down ALL the things that you once dreamed of doing way back when and which are right now in your life constantly, daily, nicely, smoothly because without you even noticing…… they became your reality.✨

Again…. All and every dream/desire counts!!! Tiny, baby, seedly, and/or gigantic, larger than life, powerful, wherevs…. all them and everything in between need to be listed!

Extra brownie points if you pin it in a place visible to you so every time you doubt, the validation is right there in your face.

This printable will be up for a few days only love. After that it will go back where it resides currently – the Plot Twist Series 😉


LimeTreeFruits.com // Weekly Recurrences


Have fun!




PS – I had this idea {to bring this printable out of the course as a freebie for a limited time} a few days ago. As it goes, when I think of something I voice it on my Instagram, hahaha. Sooooo I told my followers over there that “TOMORROW a NEW printable will be in your inbox”… and ya know what happened….. I forgot!!!!!! 😩🤦🏻‍♀️
So there I was 3 days later, ready to post something else when I looked at my own feed and realized….. “oh dear…..” hahahahaha 😆 so I did an “apology video” 🤣 I couldn’t contain myself. Here I’m adding it for some amusement for you. I amuse myself WITH myself all the time and thought we all could giggle a bit together hahaha 😀




Hello! I'm Raine.👋🏼

Artist, designer and believer that ✨joy & fun✨ are a MUST in our lives. My hope is that my posts will bring you a giggle, a smile, and also remind you {when you happen to have forgotten} of the importance of your own happiness – to yourself and to those around you.

Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨



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