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Love, if you think that person that triggers the bee-geezus out of you doesn’t have lots to teach you……

Let’s look at this ‘lil anecdote of my own life.πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

There was a certain kind of woman that used to get under my skin. Like really really bad!

They were not doing any harm to anyone per say but their way of showing up to the world would make my eye balls roll so far and so deep down behind my skull, and then do a whole 360degree turn, to only keep rolling more, many loops and full circles because there was no ending to the pain I felt with their presence


#intense LOL

I know! But for real thou.
They’d annoy me so much!

Thankfully over the years every time more, it became clear to me that the parts of me that were unexpressed, unheard and shut down were being reflected back to me through my annoyance at this type of woman.

All I could see was shallowness – on the overly dressed woman, the overly pampered, the overly sexy, the overly “girly”, the overly anything too feminine.

I know, with all the hearts and flowers I draw on the regular, who’d think I’d get annoyedΒ  by someone being overly girly?! πŸ˜€

But that’s where I was at at that time, my love.

Looking at people I relate to today, people who I cherish and have in my life are the ones who I could never imagine in a million years I’d have anything to do and/or connect with.

And this is such a beautiful thing!

Our transformation. Our ability to heal our own wounds.

When we give voice to the parts of us that for wherever reason were shut down over the years, we are more accepting of ourselves. As a result we are more accepting of others the way they are. Less judgement.Β  And that my love, brings us connections, different people, events, experiences that we would never be able to have in our lives were we hanging on to triggers without trying to understand them.

So so so important, that we go through life expressing every little bit of our beings. Because those bits ARE just…. us. πŸ’œ

Over the years I’ve gone through a whole lot of processing and healing those bits of my being that were pretty much screaming at me for some much needed TLC :DπŸ’“

The Plot Twist Series is aΒ  reflection of it.

If you need help going through that process love, this whole Series is here for you!Β  Healing and hearing those pieces of you is CRUCIAL to be able to call into your life those dreams and desires that got pushed down as unreasonable and unrealistic for so many years!


One of the printables of the Series escaped the locked doors of the members area 😈….. but I’m putting it back in a few hours! Meaning, in a few hours it won’t be available for free anymore.

If you didn’t grab your copy yet, head over to this link to read the instructions on how to use it and download it.

If on the other hand you are ready for the full on Series of journalling, prompts and activities to clear up those blockages to experience all the things you’ve always knew you were meant to… …. ✨✨✨✨

Click the button riiight below love and you will be all set!



I talk to you on the other side!





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Cheers to this delicious truth! πŸ₯‚βœ¨


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