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Happy Sunday, Love! :))

Didja ever had one of those moments where it was clear as day what you needed to do to improve something in your life, you went for it excitedly just to fall flat and back into your old habits a few weeks/months later?

Yup….. annoying and disappointing isn’t it?

I do hope you didn’t beat yourself up when that happened and/or didn’t feel afraid to try again later on.

Because, love……

Changing habits has nothing to with failing at willpower and everything to do with who we are right now and how those new habits fit into our lives.

It is about how we hold space for change to take place. It’s about who we are BEING as those changes are incorporated in our lives.

And that my love, is a process that if we don’t let ourselves go through the ups-n-downs that it involves, we get the “down” and pretty much stay there, never trying again and thinking that we don’t “have what it takes”.

It is so NOT true.

The key to accomplishing, experiencing and LIVING the dreams you want to live is to become that person already.

The transformation process, is just that…. a process that we go through, embracing it all knowing it just gets better from then on.

This sign here I saw in a bulletin board a while back when I was at the Omega Institute in upstate NY, sums up the roller-coaster nicely and sweetly:



And THAT transition, love is ONE of the processes I’m here to help you with through the Plot Twist Series.

The third installment of the Series is all about BECOMING that person we know we need to become to start living and experiencing everything we want.

Doors are closing tomorrow July 1st, my love!

If you have questions, are on the fence or need to make sure this is right for you before signing up, hit reply to this email and I’ll answer all your Qs.

Because it is time, love. It’s time to experience all the goodness your dreams have in store for you ✨❣️

Click right here to join!

See ya on the inside ✨

Many Smooches,




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Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨



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