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Hi Sweets!

So as I mentioned earlier I have been in full-force painting to help me go through some recent events.

And ya know, it has been so helpful to let things flow as they want to.
One of the best things I found out about really letting the flow roll is to let go of rules. Obvious stuff, huh? Yeah, but I find it so darn hard when it comes to art! So many “right & wrong” rules were early on stuck into my artist brain that it has been taking a lot of work to free myself from them all. I talked a bit about it here and here.

SO to celebrate the crushing down of rules {how violent!} this week I decided to make it all about releasing old patterns.
I decided to tackle the one pattern stored in my brain that carried the biggest structure of all:


The “regular paint” as hubby says. 😀

I know too many rules of how to use acrylics “right” and here I show you how I broke all them.
And it was hard! Believe me!
Throughout the process I caught myself saying many times “but I am not supposed to use this like this” and similar criticizing thoughts.

Anyway, let’s get started, shall we?

First, put your yoga mat on the floor for extra “zen-est”. Old patterns are strong living within so any extra-help counts! // Releasing Creativity
Next, get a cheap ready-made canvas. On sale better!
Don’t try to buy a roll of fancy canvas, cut the wood, staple them together and staple the canvas around the wood and hide the staples with fancy tape. None of that! {Yep, I learned to do all that}. // Releasing Creativity
Then don’t really have a plan, just put paint on it (cheap paint is best in this case, so you don’t try too hard to do it “right” to not waste the expensive paint).

You may get surprised that you will pick colors that you don’t usually pay attention to 😉 // Release you Creativity!


Take a break, stare at it for a while and be very proud of yourself for getting started even if your inner “art-knowledge” was trying to corrupt your happy process. 🙂 // Releasing Creativity!
Tackle the second part.
The initial “no-plan” left you to work with your creative cells to come up with a solution to trace a flower and a face on an untraceable painted covered canvas.

What to do?

Ah, of course! Just draw what you want on a regular piece of paper! Cut it and glue it to the canvas: // Release you Creativity!
Then you are probably too excited because you found a solution and because you broke through silly rules that you learned years ago. So take a picture of your cheerleading audience {the penguin sleepers} and giggle a lot while doing that. // Release you Creativity!
AND you will even need an art-mess overview shot to capture the moment. After all you are even wearing your fave pajamas to celebrate your “Me” day. // Release you Creativity!
Back to work.
Fight the remaining “shouldn’ts” that will show up. You knew that regular paper can’t handle acrylics, it gets all wrinkly. But you will happily make peace with the paper weaves: // Release you Creativity!
At the end, add any final touches that come to mind and remind yourself that you are meant to be here, doing this work: // Release you Creativity!


Finally and most importantly, proudly hang your artwork so everyone can see it 😉 // Release you Creativity!



A whole creative hour focusing on the process of letting go and unleashing uncensored creative juices.

Hope it was helpful to get your juices going as well sweets!

Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend filled with fun activities.


PS .. Late for the party but as it is still Friday, linking to PaintPartyFriday 😉