👩🏻‍💻How to prepare for a Discovery Call?

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Who’s ready for some practical tips today? 🙋🏻


Let’s talk about that moment when you get that first {of many!} prospect call booked IN!


Now, what?


What do you do next?

How to prepare for your first Discovery Call as a Virtual Assistant?


Oh, this one is fun, my love!

Let’s dive right on it.


First things first…..


1. This is NOT a job interview!

Unless you actually applied for Virtual Assistant full time position, your discovery call is not it, love. The discovery call is designed so two business owners can get to know each other a bit, have an idea of how do they work, and what their businesses are all about. The work you’ll do together is a collaboration between two entrepreneurs. And because of that you are NOT being interviewed for a job so don’t let the call fall into that trap!

✨Take the lead and guide the whole process. You will both benefit from it! Plus that kind of ownership is what they are looking for, since they most likely have A LOT on their plates already and will need someone able to take charge of things.


2. Know yourself

Get clear on what you can do right now, what you have experience on, what you are willing to learn and what you will NEVER EVER want to be doing! Dramatic, I know, but boundaries need to be placed early on. Saying ‘yes’ to everything, every task and everyone will just drain you and overwhelm will take place.

✨So love, be clear on the things you are willing to take on, what you have experience on and what your main focus is.


3. Stalk them! {just a tad 😉 }

Ok on this one, it is easy to get too lost in too many searches but the goal here is to get an overall idea of who the person is and what their business serves and stands for before the call.

Go to their website, if they provided one, and read a bit about them. Check the services + products page so you can have an idea of what they offer. Check their socials as well and see what’s cooking over there – how is engagement and overall activities on the channels, etc.

This will give you a vague, a I repeat — vague — idea of what they have going on. Because we truly don’t know until we talk to them. But at least having a starting point when you are {virtually} face-to-face will make a huge difference for you and for them. {They will be impressed that you took the time 😉 }

But again, keep in mind that what you see is not necessarily what you will work on. I had more than once when people hopped on a call with me for a completely different and new business they wanted to launch. They had no time to do it all over again on their own, which was why they needed my help. And since nothing was published yet, there was no way my searches would show me their new ventures.

✨So do some digging for an overall idea of their business but don’t waste too much of your time on it.


4. Get the info YOU need

During the call THEY will tell you all about their businesses. Depending on who they are, they might go back to telling you that first time 10 yrs ago when they first had this business idea 😁 or they might be so minimal and reserved that you barely got some basic info about it.

The thing is love, most likely they don’t know what YOU need to know to do your work well. So get your list of things to ask ready before the call.
As a webdesigner, for instance I always ask about their hosting provider so I know what kind site performance I am dealing with. As a Virtual  Assistant, on the other hand I never left the question of “by when do you need all that completed” unanswered because in most cases their dates expectations were a tad off 😉

✨Wherever you need to know to sort out if you guys are a good fit, get the questions ready in writing before the call! And then on the call…. ask them!


5. Know your process

Be ready to explain your processes! If they decide to move forward working with you, what happens next? Do you send a check out link? A PayPal handle? And after that, once the payment is processed what goes next? How do you set up a next call, if needed? The project management board access? Files and everything else… how things work on your end as you guys move along in the project?

✨Be ready to explain it all during the call so the prospect feels confident that all the steps are clear and they know what to expect.


6. Test your techies!

Oh, this one is so simple but could totally ruin your call if left unattended! Let’s make sure there are no surprises in there, so turn on the camera before the call and see how’s everything looking/working? The lighting? What is showing on your background? Is the sound working as expected? Is the height of the camera ok?

✨It is SO simple, but make sure you go over your tech set up before the call!


Now love, we will dive in MUCH deeper on how to get ready for Discovery Calls + the on boarding of new clients in the upcoming Virtual Assistant Course!


You can sign up right here to receive the ✨FREE✨ VA Starter Kit in your inbox as well as to get on the list to be the first one to know when the course is open for enrollment!

Freaking excited for this new life of yours that is emerging! 🤩

Stay tuned for more updates!



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