17 in 17 : 17 Insights in 17 Years

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Happy new week, lovely!

This very important month is about to wrap up and I want to share a few things with you.

There has been over the years, many things to make August special but this I want to talk today is just extra!

Ya see, on Ag 11th at exactly 17 years ago I was for the FIRST TIME EVAH putting my sweet ‘lil feet in American soil.

This is the month I celebrate my overseas move and this year specifically  I celebrated:




Like, freaking SEVENTEEN YEARS! Where did the time go?

So of course,  as I usually do around this time, an assessment and evaluation of all that I have experienced was in order.

And oh, the goodness I have to share wit you today!

I went on, year by year, pin pointing the biggest insight {or lesson if you will} that was the most significant to my journey on said year.

Some of them so good that they come up more than once with different angle!

And this is what I we are talking about today :


17 insights in 17 years.


They are written as they came AND numbered so you + I can keep count 😉 So no insight is more important than the other and no chronological order either. They came to my mind and I wrote down.

You are going to love it! SO many jewels there!

Let’s get going:


1. time doesn’t heal s**!

Ok, it heals some stuff, but some others? Nope. They can’t be healed just by the time passing. Get yourself off the shadows and uncover those unfinished business that are lingering around you, my love. For real! They will stay there, lingering around, taking the wheels without you noticing {and w/o your permission!}. And unless you shed light on those stinky, sneaky monsters they will NOT go away.
>> I repeat — they WILL NOT go away! 🚨This is not a drill.🚨 This is real! They WILL NOT go away! <<


2. you are WAY more powerful than you give yourself credit for

Sovereignty is freaking scary but it is your natural state. Trusting yourself, knowing that your “knower” has the answers, is not for the faint of heart as sometimes you WILL go against the grain. But there is no more safe guidance than your own. You are a never ending well of wisdom, knowledge and power. Use it for your own good and the good of others!


3. making decisions out of fear, truly never works.

Wherever thing you have going on that stops you is an aspect of fear. That thing you just call “concern”…. welp, it’s fear.  Fear has many levels and intensities, my pumpkin! You might think that a “prudent” move that goes against that dream of yours, {that one you have since you were a little kid, ya know?}  is NOT driven by fear but I’d say…. dig in deeper. What is the concern about? What could you loose by going for it? Who would you have to become? Are people who are close to you who would not be on board with it? Are you afraid of disappointing them or hurting their feelings? Keep asking and digging. Fear of inadequacy, of a “wrong move”, of isolation, etc, can have many facets and they sneak up on us {and on our dreams!} just like that. *snap fingers*


4. Life can be your playground

AH! Enjoying life just because! Unheard of! Despite all the tragedies we see happening daily, closely or not, those moments where you can grasp a breath of fresh air, the lightness, ease and fun that come about, even if for a moment? Seize that moment — because life is your very own private playground and you are meant to fully have fun + joy while at it.


5. Things can shape up better, MUCH better than you imagine!

Experiences that you thought were long past your level of reach were there just waiting for you to pay attention to them again. Add to that the radical reality shift that can happen in a very short amount of time and BAM —  mind-blown goodness created that you couldn’t possibly have imagined!


6. Reality is up for grabs

The things we are a frequency for, we create. {That means — the thing we “vibe” with — but I dislike this trendy word so we’ll go with this more “out there” one, for now}. If your minimum standards are at a certain level, there is NO OTHER WAY than your reality matching those standards. The beauty? It is up to us to elevate those standards more and more. Reality has no other option but to catch on!


7. Self-acceptance is everything

Even when you think there isn’t any hope, the light at the end of the tunnel is possible, reachable and available to you. TRUST in yourself and your process is key. And to trust yourself you need to take yourself off the hook! Meaning release any and all judgement on YOURSELF, for where you are at and your journey. Accepting yourself with all the “good” and “bad”. {flashing news, there aren’t any “good” or “bad”. Just what is!} Full acceptance gives you a starting point to keep moving. Instead of drowning in “what ifs”, “how could I”, “why is it like that”, “I should”, “I shouldn’t”, “I messed up”, etc. All that wobbliness leaves us ungrounded and floating around in wherever direction the air blows. Your self-acceptance is groundness.

Your self-acceptance = your stepping stone to the next level.


8. Take your time!

Take your time to heal, process wherever things had happened in your life — like the things you felt were monumental and you didn’t give proper attention way back when. Respect YOUR process, your timing and your journey. Enjoy the ride while you are a it! Fully and completely own that you ARE allowing your own timing and flow to unravel. And as you do that you CAN actually allow yourself to enjoy that ride {and stop + smell the roses!}


9. Life is FUN!

This one came up again, and again in so many diff angles. So it needs to be said, comprehended and internalized. So much turbulence that might have happen to you, yes, but life is FUN and fully meant to be enjoyed. Like a playground! We are here for all the character-playing that we can think of and stepping into those roles are meant to be fun and easy. One of those roles you are not “feeling” anymore? Step out and try a new one. It is a full on play time down here on the 3D and we get to choose who we get to be while on the stage.


10. And said FUN has been trying to get your attention all along

Those inkling inside of you, that have been trying to get your attention for years? Yeah — those inklings are meant to be heard. It is not for nothing that they are there and pulling your shirt to be seen. Give them a chance. The creative muse and JOY that will come from them is truly going to blow your mind! The FUN we talked about on the previous point? Yeah those inklings are all about that. A sure fire way to give you the direction, ease and playfulness you have been missing and craving for.



11. Try new things

Try those things that you thought would NEVER be relatable to you! Like things that you were told were not meant for you – specifically not for you. 🙄 The audacity of those people, whoever they are! Go straight ahead, firmly and proudly and try something that you never thought could be part of your realm. A new character, role, exciting play on this Earth might juuuusst be waiting for that tiny gesture of bravery!



12. You can change directions at any time.

Anything you have a slight feeling was right for you, you are totally and fully able to fulfill and experience it. The ‘how’ is not on you to figure out. And the best part of it? As you try on those new “shoes”, as you try on that new “character” we talked before, as you try the New Thing…. if it’s not for you, you can drop it like a hot potato and leave it at that. You CAN try things out and decide they are not for you. You CAN change your mind. The beauty is that without trying …. well, you wouldn’t know. Because you wouldn’t have experienced it before. You’d just have a possibility in your mind of what would be like to step into it but nothing more. It would be all up there, in the ether, away from your reality, always wondering how would be. So go on and fulfill those desires. And change your mind and adjust direction as needed!


13. New realities are always available to you.

Tying up with my point above — a completely different script, story line and outcome is fully available to you at any moment that you decide so. Once you are living it, it’s going to feel oh SO natural to you that you will wonder what took you so long to go for it! “It is just how it was meant to be all along!” you will think to yourself.  And so you will solidify even more within you, how important it is to give it a go, move the needle even if a bit. Realities can shift in a heart beat and you are part of it!


14. The little things count!

I know so cliche, {again!} but going through life and observing the small things,  taking a close up on where you are at in this moment can do wonders for your forward moving AND for your happiness. If the big picture is overwhelming you or if you feel there isn’t any way out of wherever situation you are in, focus on the small things right now — those tiny pieces that are part of the big tapestry that is our experience. Focus on those small joys that you can find around, like a smooth notebook and a blank page that you will fill up with words, doodles and wonders! Or flowers, or your cat sneak peaking you while napping with one eye opened and the other one close. Use the tiny things to keep yourself focused on the now and forget about the big road or the big goal for a moment. It will bring you right back into the flow!

{*ahem* examples might or might not have been taken from my own reality + little moments 😀 }


15. Stay curious about yourself.

A big set back? A disappointment? You are right in the middle of it wondering what you did/didn’t do and why all this happened that way? Release yourself from the burden. Release yourself from punishment , blame, shame, guilt, all that heaviness and stay curious about yourself. Stay curious about your {true} motivations, your true beliefs and what moved you to those events. No beating up is allowed! Lots of sweetness, gentleness and curiosity about this beautiful being that you are. Every day we get to see and know more deeply who we have been, who we have become and who we are intentionally getting to be. Gentleness, and curiosity need to lead the way!
Love, sweetness, wonder… bring them all in!


16. Trust your gut

That nice, inner knowing….. o-m-f-g! it KNOWS the way! It is THE one GPS you can trust on. Not your family’s take, not your friend’s input,  not your colleague’s feedback, not anyone else’s perception. This 3D experience here is YOURS, the one who truly knows better what’s best for you — is you. TRUST if you feel you need to go right instead of left, up instead of down and any variation of those. Not following that inner knowing leaves us with the weirdest outcomes while scratching our heads wondering what went “wrong”. Trust that sweet gut of yours.


17. Other peoples path are their path

And on that note, it doesn’t matter how much you love someone and how much you are trying to show them the right ways or solutions or next steps, each person has their own journey, insights and breakthroughs to go through. We can only have control of our own. If someone is not “there” and does not seem to want to be “there” — specially with your help, there is nothing you can do about that. Change and the willingness to change come from within each person, and each person only.


Ok, we are getting more than 17 because the goodness kept flowing and I wouldn't stop now ✨ So 3 more items for us!


18. Perception is everything!!

Perception is freaking everything!! A set back can easily become a little fly that you wave it away with your hand. A dramatic route shift can become a fun new area to explore. A huge and seemly painful outcome can completely become an opportunity to create even more miracles, even more goodness — just by how we perceive it, by how we make meaning of something. Everything can be turned and flipped into his head to become something powerful that will enrich your experience even more.

Side note — this is NOT because we need to suffer to learn but EXACTLY because we don’t need to, we can turn our perception and create something different. Something easier, lighter and better.


19. Yes, going for it is scary. You must do it anyway.

The next chapter is always scary! Going for the jump, going for “it”, is always scary as f**! but oh, so worth it! So worth every damn minute that you thought it was too much! So worth it to grab it seize it and truly just GO FOR IT! Exhilarating and beautifully unfolding — that’s how your next chapter will always be. Even if scary at first!


20. Ah! Miracles abound!

Beautiful fairy tales stories are real, shift in perspective can happen in a heart beat like that and when you least expect the seemly impossible beautiful and magical stories are happening around you and in you, left and right! Don’t shove it off, ignore it or think “this is too good to be true”. It is true, it is good and it is happening TO YOU, FOR YOU, FROM YOU! Nothing more fair than those miracles and goodnesses happening in your life, constantly!


And that’s it!!!!
This was so delicious to revisit and reassess. If you made all the way down here — AWESOME! I know bells were rang, things resonated and I am SO incredibly grateful to be here with you on this journey ♥️ Life truly is beautiful and meant to be fully lived! ✨


Many Smooches,




Hey, love! I'm Raine.👋🏼

Artist, designer and believer that ✨joy & fun✨ are a MUST in our lives. My hope is that my posts will bring you a giggle, a smile, and also remind you {when you happen to have forgotten} of the importance of your own happiness – to yourself and to those around you.

Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨


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