Filofax Swap 6 – Never giving up!

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The Search for the Perfect Filofax | Part 6 | LimeTreeFruits | Filofax Swap #6 ::


We are back! 😃

✨The LAST episode of The Search for the Perfect Filofax is here for you!✨

Can you believe it, it’s already the last one? 😃

In case you missed love,  here’s a recap of all the Planners we visit so far in our Search for the Perfect Filofax:



Aannnnd that brings us up to speed, right up to today!

After the latest clear failure, I had to bite the bullet. I had to make the jump – on a new binder and new size.

Guess, what size came next?

This year alone I went from personal, to pocket, to A5, to compact, to personal, to slimline, and now… what?

Welp…. A5 it was! This time for personal stuff only!

Here it is the beauty that took on the challenge:


The Search for the Perfect Filofax | Part 6 | LimeTreeFruits | Filofax Swap #6 ::


My goal was to use it as a main daily planner as well as a planner for all the projects ahead.

The projects function was an easy one to sort out. The phone tabs would do the job:


The Search for the Perfect Filofax | Part 6 | LimeTreeFruits | Filofax Swap #6 ::


To make it easy to find each project I did a cover page, like an index as I added them. Not in alphabetical order, just as they came to mind.


The Search for the Perfect Filofax | Part 6 | LimeTreeFruits | Filofax Swap #6 ::


And it all just got beyond perfection after I found out sub-tabs and sub-categories could be created with short pages! This solution totally knocked-my-socks-off!

✨I could now have a very general project name, like “yard” and have it divided by a gazillion of tabs WITHOUT having them poking out and making it all look messy!✨

Look at that clean, clutter-free beauty!


The Search for the Perfect Filofax | Part 6 | LimeTreeFruits | Filofax Swap #6 ::


Anyway, soon, I realized that because of the clutter-free-hidden sub tabs I could add not just projects but also entire “life-sections” to those lettered tabs, like “Health” and use the short sheets and subtabs to separate even more like “PCP, “Dentist”, “PT”, etc.

Oh, heaven! I finally was envisioning a”one-life-one-binder” working for me! Heaven!

Meanwhile just the calendar was missing…..just that….

I, of course, started avidly watching videos and reading posts to find my inspiration. I then remembered a video with an insert that I was drooling all over at the beginning of the year.

In it, I’d be able to keep track of all tasks, appointments and hourly plan in one page!

Look at this perfection of a page!


The Search for the Perfect Filofax | Part 6 | LimeTreeFruits | Filofax Swap #6 ::


So I used the daily pages for a few weeks.

Unfortunately, it was a total disaster. 😩

I certainly looooved to place my hand on a big, laaaarge, smooth sheet of paper to start writing on it, but really it was more space then I needed. And I thought that all the specific boxes for specific tasks would be helpful but it was too much structure for me. I would always “misplace” the notes a few days, record others in the “right place” and then get all confused and waste time going thru pages, flipping back and forth looking for something specific.


ok, now, what to do?
I was really hoping those 2 page daily sheets would work….

What to do next then?

Welp, The Search for the Perfect Filofax had to continue…..I had to adapt again and modify, tweak, jump and try a different binder.

However this time it had to be different! A much bigger and bird’s-eye-view approach was needed!

Otherwise I’d never find the planner peace I’ve been longing for💆🏻‍♀️🍃

The search and never ending testing turned out to be way deeper than I thought yet the whole process was thrilling and an eye-opener!

And more details on that process and howI finally found planner peace?

Coming up in the next post, love!

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Talk to you again soon!

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The Search for the Perfect Filofax | Part 6 | LimeTreeFruits | Filofax Swap #6 ::

The Search for the Perfect Filofax | Part 6 | LimeTreeFruits | Filofax Swap #6 ::

The Search for the Perfect Filofax | Part 6 | LimeTreeFruits | Filofax Swap #6 ::


Hey, love! I'm Raine.👋🏼

Artist, designer and believer that ✨joy & fun✨ are a MUST in our lives. My hope is that my posts will bring you a giggle, a smile, and also remind you {when you happen to have forgotten} of the importance of your own happiness – to yourself and to those around you.

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  1. Sandra

    I love A5 planners! I have only one, no brand and it’s red! I tried other smaller planners and they don´t work for me! This really works, especially for me to keep all the records from the daily medication that my son has to take because he has asthma, the crisis he has between doctor appointments, to keep track of his weight (he has the tendency to loose weight when he has crisis and it’s important to know in how many days he gains weight again) and, off course, personal and financial information.
    P.S. – I gave the smaller planners to my family (I’m minimalist and don’t want to gather too many things – except stickers, I have too many but can’t let them go…
    P.S.S. – Hope you understand my english because I’m from Portugal.


    • LimeTree

      Hi Sandra! I totally hear you. Small planners are so cute but not my “thing” either. Although I always try to make them work. teehee

      And yes! I understood everything you said. No worries. 🙂

  2. Lynn

    I understand the frustration.I enjoy my planners,but can’t get cute calendar pages b/c I don’t have a working computer or a printer:(I am left handed as well so some pages(with notes on the right side don’t work either).I also don’t want to over bulk my planners,so I have to scale back on some decorating…..thanks for sharing your journey!!It gives me plenty of ideas!!!

    • LimeTree

      Yay Lynn! Glad my journey is helping you. 🙂

  3. Pat

    Hi, Raine, I have two A5 Filofax organizers that I just love and alternate using those at my desk at home, but I am still struggling with what size to use for something to carry with me in my purse when I’m running around on errands and shopping. I have a black Finsbury Pocket and an older, thinner, pale yellow Topaz Pocket. Both are a nice size for fitting into my large purse, but they don’t give as much writing room as I’d like. I also have a Personal size Filofax, but it is just too big and heavy for lugging in my already heavy purse. I am debating about a Filofax Croc Compact Personal one, which would be thinner with the smaller rings but only a tad narrower than a Personal. Did you find a Compact one a good purse size, or still too big and heavy?

    • RaineB

      YES! The compact one was very very good size for purses! Not heavy at all – it can’t! 😀

  4. Pat

    Where did you get the lovely pastel alpha dividers???

    • RaineB

      Those ones came with the planner :))


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