Planner Struggles?

Can you relate to any of these:

  • every new year you are ready to make THE amazing planner system work for you
  • you get excited with all the planner goodies you see out there and a fresh new start is all you need to *feel* in your bones that this time it’ll work!
  • but it didn’t. half year is gone or even one more entire year has passed and after the first months {maybe weeks?} of year you are still stuck trying to put together a planner that works for you
  • you don’t seem to be able to commit with your planner system
  • or you can’t figure out why you don’t follow through with your plans + goals
  • at some point you even forget to check your planner and start reacting to your day instead of planning your day
  • and when you do check your planner you can’t seem to prioritize and everything feels overwhelming
  • you can’t decide what is realistic for you to accomplish that day
  • you always feel as if you are forgetting something
  • year after year you make plans, goals and fall short with most of them
  • and finally …. the plans and goals you actually do follow through at the end of the day {and the year!}, they all felt like a big drainy chore that didn’t help you feel accomplished at all


  • deep inside, you hadn’t given up the dream of a cute eye-candy looking planner because….. really!!! Paper Planners! 

What’s the fun of it all if not to look yummy, right? 😀

I hear ya, love, I hear ya!

Been there SO many times that it’s not even funny.
That’s why I am THRILLED to tell you the good news….

There IS a way out of that hamster wheel with a planner system that works for YOU once and for all which gets you ON FIRE and on your way to an accomplished year!

There’s so much planner goodness awaiting you on the other side of the rainbow! Really! 😀

I’m spilling all the beans into a EIGHT WEEK course all about a process to sort out the planner mess and get focused on what works AND on what looks cute on paper :))

The Get Planned! Course is here to bring you relief, to help you be on top of your schedule and tasks AND {most importantly} feeling happy and having FUN while staying organized!

Well, how much fun and productivity are we talking about here?

Oh, my dear we are talking videos and printable worksheets sent out to you every single week for eight weeks that will guide you through the process of creating that deliciously yummy planner system that actually makes you feel accomplished at the end of the day. And giggly 😀

We are flipping things around in your planner world! teeheee

{Oh yeah, and let’s not forget about my video-freeze-face-fun lighting up your inbox every week . 😀 >> }

With the Get Planned! course you will….

♥ find out what works best for YOUR lifestyle: multiple planners or a single one
♥ how to actually coordinate multiple planners OR use one single one to run your life!
♥ decide what layout to use and what kind of planner works best for YOU
♥ create a planning system that fits YOURS and YOUR family needs
♥ know exactly what to focus on each day to accomplish big picture goals and regular routinely tasks
confidently walk through life changes and be able to quickly adapt and maintain your schedule and priorities {This one always gets us, huh? All is going well and then BAM! Major life change and our perfectly functioning system becomes useless all of a sudden.<< THIS stops now, sweets!}
♥ be on top of your schedule and tasks while having a huge element of creativity in each one of your pages
♥ create a plan for your year ahead knowing that it reflects YOUR goals and a map on how to achieve


And what exactly is in this course?

Here is the break down of what’s happening each week:



We will get rid of the noise! All the stuff that is fogging your vision and not letting you see your big picture, will get out of the way just like that. CLARITY is the word of the week here and we will dive deep on it!




Projects, tasks, to-dos, oh my!!!! Every tiny one of those will be brought up to light and we will sort them out! A designated place, a specific section to each and everyone. Plus rebels will be broken down into tiny fragments. And then sorted! No task will be left behind!!




It’s now time to organize all the juicy work we did the weeks prior. And what better way to do it then with LISTS and TABLES! {geeky alert :: it is actually FUN! 😀 }




We are breaking it down my dear! Seriously breaking it down and making each and every one of your projects HAPPEN! There’s a way and on this 4th week I’m showing you how to do so!



Haha, I am so funny! 😀 But really, does size matter to you when comes to your planning system? We will get to the bottom of the question that never seem to settle “which planner size do I use?”  PLUS We will get very veeeeerrryyy clear about your planner preferences. Everything you have been using over the months/years we will get to talk about and drill down some more. It’s all about the ideal one, ya? 😉



Let’s not forget about them! Planner sizes are important but the juice that goes inside on each of them has the same impact in our productivity. They can work in our favor or against us. This week is all dedicated to them.



Now that we cover and got very very clear on what sizes and designs work best for us, it is time to make them work together to get to that juicy system unique to your needs and routine. {We are peeling the layers, peeps! Peeling the layers to uncover your planner peace! 😀 }



Making them all function in our day-to-day routines — It’s time! We are putting ALL the pieces together to make all your plans and goals a reality on a day-to-day basis! Deliciousness and accomplishments awaits 😀




But for this one my love, you’ll need to finish the whole 8 weeks to get access. I guarantee you, you are going to LOVE learning those extra-tricks




You and I, sweets in a whole 45min 1:1 session to sharpen up your plans after the course completion and make sure you’ll get to the finishing line {end of the year!} with all your ducks in a row. An entire 45mins session that I’m all ears and brains focusing on helping you create the map for your best year yet!

There is still time to make you yearly plans and goals happen.

When you look over your shoulders to see what was accomplished in 2019 you will KNOW that this was a year you finally felt productive and proud of your accomplishments. Can you imagine that feeling? PLUS knowing that the new year ahead will be even better as you know have a system that is uniquely you, that suits your needs from day 1? Yeah, we are doing this sweets!

Get Planned Course is currently closed.
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I talk to you on the other side!

Many Smooches, Raine Signature