Drop everything. This is your year!! Seriously…..

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Hello beautiful! 🙂

Have you been adding your day’s highlights to the Joy Jar?

I’ve been doing it every.single.day and the notes keep getting larger and larger. SO wonderful! ✨

“The more you see it, the more you see it” as the Yoda of Law of Attraction says.

Yet… with all that joy, love, happiness I have a question for you today:

How much goodness can you handle in your life? How much do you truly let it?

“ALL of it, Raine! As much as possible! What kind of question is that?”
I hear you say?

And yes, as much as I’d like to believe we are THAT open to receive and that we let all the goodness shower us non-stop, there are those times….. those times in DEFAULT mode that we block it in a blink of an eye without noticing it.


I have a fresh new one out of the press.

You might have noticed me saying left and right on social media platforms that this year IS already an amazing year. Day in, day out I’m dazzled with all the goodness coming in non-stop.

Non-stop I said.

As long as I’m out of the way, NOT blocking that goodness and truly believing it’s ok to have that much amazingness falling on my lap it IS non-stop.

So…… there I was right after finishing a mind-blowing client call.

I went to do the dishes to let myself sink it all in and to let my brain be free to explore all the possibilities coming along.

My thoughts as I was working on the dishes:

“That is so amazing! It’s all so wonderful! All is so perfect!…..oh…. wait…. there’s this other thing….”

And this other THING?

Had NOTHING to do whatsoever with the amazingness happening, I have NO control over it, and truly…… that thing is only in my mind.

People involved aren’t even here anymore!

And there I was trying to balance off all the avalanche of blessings, ease and happiness by forcefully bringing up from the “archives” an excuse to justify that “things can’t be that good, because…. they just can’t… that’s not what you are use to, why now?”

One more example…..

Waking up in the morning and having all the good stuff rushing through my mind and in a split second… there my mind was doing the same thing….. hunting down some bad thoughts because “you can’t just wake up happy like that, come on!”.

That time thou was SO darn obvious what my mind was doing that I was truly able to detach and observe.

It DID take a few secs for my mind to come up with something. It had to actually quickly scan through to find and focus on something not that great.

How insane is that? Talk about blocking the flow of goodness!

yeah, yeah, you might think I’m crazy, I know 😀

But really…..

Observe your thoughts right after something very good happen.

Do you try to balance it off with something not so great?

Do you justify it, say to yourself you were just “lucky” this time?
Do you make a mental list of all the problems that the new goodness will bring with it, how unprepared you are for it, how much more this will add to your to-do, down play it as if it was not that great or start worrying that something else ‘bad’ will happen because “that’s how it is”?

All those mind tricky thingys are the default mode we learnt back in the days se we would NOT accept goodness fully as if we can’t have it all.
{’cause we can! I do hope you know that, sweets! If that seems crazy – great! I’ll definitely be writing a post about it 🙂 }

Soooooo…… all this to say…..

This year is YOUR year. Not kidding about it!

I have peeps to back me up on that 😀

But before getting into it, all that story I told you is to remind you {and myself!} that…

…all the delicious goodness can’t be delivered to us if we resist it.

It can’t be delivered to us if we insist on being who we were yesterday and if we insist in not releasing old fears and patterns.

Having said that, it’s time to shake all that old crap out of us and truly tune in to this new year’s energy – which is so so so good! ?✨

Here I present you the most delicious download of the New Year evah! 😀

Kari Samuels takes on the mic {and the whole screen}

{info on her Premium Forecast can be found here}

kari samuels 2017 forecast - limetreefruits.com

And of course, my love all the goodness she’s saying I transformed into a printable that you can download and pin to your board, fridge, everywhere to keep you on track :))

Ready for it? Press play above and after that, download the steps {but really watch the video first otherwise it won’t make sense!}


Wishing you an amazing rest of the week filled with dreams broken down into baby-steps and actionable items! ?

Many Smooches,

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Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨


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