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It’s almost Christmas! can you believe it?! πŸ˜€

How are you gearing up for the Holidays? Stress overload? haha I hear you! Such a fluffy season yet so messy sometimes. πŸ™‚

Today I want to talk about achieving our goals and fulfilling our dreams.

It’s a looong email – but so needed! – filled with my own personal experience so grab that hot chocolate {tea, coffee} and get comfy! :))

Did you have a chance to follow along with all the printables I sent out last week? Did you notice the ‘tone’ of said printable series?

I honestly didn’t even realize it until someone pointed it out ot me.

It had TWO of my favorite topics combined :: Mind-set work with a ‘woowoo’ approach to it

{By ‘woowoo’, I mean spiritual sparkly things ? ✨}

I’ve been improving my life and my outlook on it for the last two years due to being diligently reaching out to people in the same path, hanging out with them {be that online or offline} and studying A LOT of those life-changing topics.

And it’s clearly affecting everything I do. My work gets flooded with it without me even realizing it.

Which is GREAT!

I want to do everything in my power to spread the word even more so people really feel and believe things can be sparkly and built for THEIR ideal life and happiness.

The thing is…. I wasn’t always like that – advocating for such a sparkly life.

I used to actually be VERY irritated by all that Magical-Unicorn Land talk.

You see… I AM a natural positive and optimistic person and I do have goals and dreams that I’ve been achieving throughout all my life.

But most of them – actually all of them – were fulfilled from a place of
“I don’t know how nor why. I got lucky! yay! ? “

Even thou I’d do wherever I could to get closer to my dreams I never saw them as a done-deal. It was all up in the air and maybe by luck and ‘good timing’ they’d be fulfilled….. or not. Who knew…

That was the sum up of my approach :: Luck!

I didn’t really had a system nor a sure fire way to know that my dreams and goals would be fulfilled.

Untill Oct 2014 when I actually started studying, understanding, internalizing and accepting that SERIOUSLY :: EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

I need to say it one more time. Cliches aside….

Everything you want is accessible to you!


Manifestation and Law of Attraction!

oh, sweet pea I can FEEL your eyes rolling at me right now πŸ˜€

Stick with me for a sec.

I’m not only talking about stuff you found in the “The Secret” or something like that. If you read that book or saw the movie, yes,yes all in there still real, but how up in the air is all that stuff?

How airy-fairy is all that Manifestation topic, anyway? sparkles-and-unicorn

Believe me sweets, I’m all up for sparkles {my fave emoji!}, unicorns, and a parallel world of Magical Land. πŸ˜€

But even I, even I was fed up with all the ‘woowoo’ and hippies out there telling me a sparkly rainbow with unicorn blessings was awayting me if only I…..

“believed a little more”

“set better intentions” or

“looked for the silver lining a little HARDER”!

Oh, please, gimme a break! It’s a 3D world here that I live! Gimme CONCRETE STUFF TO WORK WITH!

I was seriously PISSY and FEED UP with all those claims of a “magical reality”.

I never ceased to believe in a way higher power above me, never!

But I could not for the love of the unicorn understand how all those ‘woowoo’ people would claim that by just thinking positively and doing affirmations they could get all the stuff they wanted.

Why them not me? Why? Why? πŸ˜€

Seriously thou…. My entire life I was always SO open to that kind of thing, so into learning more and more about the spiritual sparkly stuff.

But I was loosing my faith in it all.

If I could just….just…. just…. had an example, a concrete proof from someone who did NOT fart rainbows and animated butterflies all over their website…

Someone that would be an undercover of light walking around the city unsuspectedly spreading magic power.
Someone that I’d glance at and NOT recognize by her inexistent rainbow colored outfit that she’s into that “stuff’.
Not only I would NOT recognize that she was into that “stuff”, but I wouldn’t even DREAM that she’s an expert, a master of using the spiritual world to do good for herself, and others.
Someone that wouldn’t wear the peace sign as a necklace or use long hobo skirts and feathers in her hair.

{To be clear here — that’s NOTHING WRONG with any of that!

I still use hobo long skirts, and used to have feathers and peace signs all over me in my sweet younger years. πŸ˜€

Nothing against that AT ALL.

Hippies and ‘woos’ were and always will be my home. }

What I was desperately craving and wanting was some proof/validation that that Law of Attraction and Manifestation work was for realz and not just a coping mechanism to deal with reality used by peeps that stare at the sky & stars for a bit too long – like me!


“Ask and It’s Given” says the title of that famous book.

And that’s what happened.

I asked and I got it.

Out of the blue like that I stumbled upon the most analytical, rational, real and NON-airy-fairy person out there talking about ….. Manifestation and Law of Attraction.

I was SO intrigued.

I needed PROOF, concrete PROOF that that shizzz worked, I needed proof that it wasn’t just a delusional world that hippies liked to hang to live in denial and there it was right in my face.

Not one single Unicorn fart in her site, not one single sparkle or mentioning of fairies and magical beings. πŸ˜€

The most sleek site I have ever seen on the topic yet not soft, light and discreet but bold, ballzy, no fluff, AND with Law of Attraction content that dug into neuroplasticity {didn’t even know what that was!} and how the brain works to create the reality we want. {!}

ooohhh, h-e-a-v-e-n!

The PROOF I was craving all this time combined in one single person who I could go for answers! πŸ˜€

HA! And did I mention the woman wears BLACK from top to bottom as well?
Not one single glitter, feather or sparkle.

Imagine that! ?

{this coming from someone that could wear bright orange and yellow all day long. Which really shows how I was craving a different perspective on things :)) }

Anyway, I got all the answers I was looking for and kept going for more.

The name of that undercover magical being advocating for a real and concrete sparkly life in our 3D world?

screen-shot-2016-12-22-at-2-56-27-pmSusan Ferraro

or Susan F as I like to call her.
{she doesn’t know it! πŸ˜€ }

It was Oct 2014 when I first enrolled in her Law of Attraction course and it has been mind-blowing to grasp the power we truly have to create a life that matches our dreams and goals.

Her teachings became a real life style for me {after 2 yrs, going stronger than ever!}, she became my mentor & coach and today I’m so honor to call her a friend.

And that amazing class that started it all back in 2014?

It is open for enrollment again.

Of course I wouldn’t NOT tell you about that.

I feel like everyone needs to know about what she teaches.


Not a wishy-washy wishful thinking to the stars.

It’s concrete and logical.


Imagine that!

Come read about it and see it for yourself!

You will LOVE it!

I can’t WAIT to hear about YOUR dreams manifesting for good!

I’ll see you in the member’s area! :)) Creating real magic in our 3D world and all! ♥

Sparkly Smooches,

Raine Signature




psssttt…. don’t skip it! Dreams being fulfilled as a done deal are REAL, sweets, real! We all have access to it and deserve it! ♥