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Helllluuuu beauty!

Happy new week and new month! {I know, a bit late here with the new month celebration ?}

I have – of course – a new freebie packet for you as I turn of the month but I want to give you a back story on it first.

The weekend before last one I attended a live event all around mindset work and being open to trust your flow and receive.

There were many small nuggets of insights and wisdom happening here and there as well as very big ones and I am EXCITED to share them with you!

First thing before the insights…..

OF COURSE meeting new people is always a thrill and opens up room to so many new experiences, ya?

One of them I have right here for you:


All online biz ladies out there, go check it out! Totally free and starts in 6 days! More deets right here >> Sisters Unite

Now, second thing before the insights {I know, I’m such a pest ?}

I see per my behavior this last week I am truly STILL a recovering perfectionist. Not done with that process yet *sigh* ?

See this lovely sketch below?


Ya, that’s the first few sketches of the freebie packet for this month inspired by the event I attended. I started sketching, finalized the design and finished the digital packet A WEEK AGO!

My intent on holding back sending it over to you?

To spill out aaaallll the beans, aaaallll the insights, I had throughout that weekend together with the digital packet.  And OF COURSE because writing it all out like this is a gigantic task, I kept waiting for the “perfect time” to sit down and write you the “perfect event review”.

Soooo…. I kept postponing, postponing, postponing and the task getting more gigantic and overwhelming in my head because everyday I’d remember MORE juiciness to talk about and here we are…… a week later and I sent you nothing! ?

I’m making it doable now thou.

Today I’m sharing ONE insight with you that truly encompasses a key element to staying in your flow.

Celebrate everything!

The big, the small, the good and the bad.

There is ALWAYS a way to make use of a situation.

At the event those were the #NailedIt moments.

Meaning knowing that wherever you are doing/did, wherever result you are getting/got everything is always working out for your benefit. Knowing that regardless of the situation…. you truly nailed it!

Lemme give you an example of a two #nailedit moments of my own – one ‘positive’ one ‘negative’ – that came out of this ‘lil situation here:


That’s me at the airport about to take off to the event.

I was giggly and happy as can be! E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g working so in synchronicity, everything going easily and smoothly around me.

Truly taking the celebrate-everything concept to the T.
A not-so-great smelling airport bathroom was a perfect place to take a selfie to remind myself of that very moment I was really feeling connected, expansive and in my flow.

I KNOW! In a public bathroom… by myself….. feeling connected and expansive…. totally #NailedIt from the inside out. ?

Barely did I know that that outfit was going to be pretty much all I’d be wearing at the event.

Luggage lost? THANK GOODNESS not this time!

I was so excited making sure to fit all  the important stuff in my tiny carry on – bras, shoes and the dress for the main party – that I completely forgot a pile of “day-to-day” outfits that I left folded on top of the bed. HA! ?

And so my friend…. I had to improvise with what I had.

That’s not the ‘negative’ #NailedIt moment thou.

One of my roommates was the sassiest evah with her outfits. {Ya know who you are missy? } Every new combination was so uniquely her. I LOVED seen her personality coming through each combo she put together.

And with that came the HUGE realization of how feeling expressed through the way I dress in different outfits really matters to me.

Wearing the same cardigan for three days did not help with that at all.?

Years ago {*ahem* more like centuries ?} in my early 20s I was a ninja on that self-expression through everyday clothing. And I completely forgot that side of me.

Truth be told…. if I had packed my clothes and had the tiny bit of variety I was planning to carry with me to the event, I wouldn’t have had the contrast so steep to realize all the self-expression I was missing out through my current outfits. 

A real ‘negative’ #NailedIt moment that I could got lost in it – because it bothers me so much to be feeling constrained by lack of options.

Soooooo instead of being all crabby and beating myself up for forgetting to pack the pile of clothes and feeling toned down I added a note to my notebook:

“This is excellent! I had completely forgot how much FUN and in my element I used to feel putting outfits together like that. NOT having my clothes here and seeing her pull out the cutest things out of her bag, helped me remember how I used to love doing that. Time to get back at it!”

And you can bet sweets, I’ll be way more creative with my shopping from now on and not stick with the easiest pieces to find as I have been doing all those years. SO much that can be expressed through the way we dress. SO much fun that I definitely don’t want to be missing out on it anymore. ? Back at it STAT!

Now peaches, it’s your turn!  Every single moment can be a #NailedIt moment. Go practice that for yourself.

Make a list of 5 ‘good’ and ‘bad’ #NailedIt moments you had in the last month and write down why you nailed them. Special attention OF COURSE to the ones seemly negative. You can totally flip things around if you want to.

To help you remember that? This month’s freebie packet. ? #NAILEDIT! ✨?????


Many Smooches,







Hey, love! I'm Raine.👋🏼

Artist, designer and believer that ✨joy & fun✨ are a MUST in our lives. My hope is that my posts will bring you a giggle, a smile, and also remind you {when you happen to have forgotten} of the importance of your own happiness – to yourself and to those around you.

Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨



  1. Gina Morse

    Loved this! Especially relating to clothes. I tend to look for what’s comfortable and easy instead of fun too. Then I wonder why I’m so bored with my clothes. I’m going to start putting fun at the top of the requirements with comfortable and easy second and third. Then I won’t be so bored with my outfits! Thank you for the reminder!

    • LimeTree

      YES! And the awesome thing is that we truly shift once we are dressing to express ourselves. Even standing straighter and more confidently comes easier when we feel our clothes are an extension of who we are. So glad you can relate to it as well! Thanks for commenting Gina ?

  2. Isabelle

    Enjoyed reading this Raine! And I totally agree about the outfits. When I am feeling good in myself, I am much more expressive in my dressing – I wear colour, a variety of styles, funky shoes, do my hair nicely…. When I’m tired or just a bit de-motivated, I have 5 or 6 fall-back work outfits, and the same number of casual ones, and they are not exactly exciting! I had to scold myself last week when I was reachng for the same-old same-old – cos I feel so much more MYSELF in colour and fun stuff, and wearing “my” clothes automatically boosts my mood!

    • RaineB

      Hey Lovely! Sorry for such a lat reply. I didn’t log in to my site since this last post.

      And YES!!!! It’s amazing how clothing can boost our mood so much! We are more in our element. I’ve been since this last post wearing my faves even if there’s no special occasion happening. Feels SO good! ?✨


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