💞😩I used to hate Valentine’s Day… here’s what changed💝

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Happy Valentine’s Day, pudding pop! ❣️

Do you love V-day? Hate it?

I need to tell you a secret….

Even thou I am single as can be, I literally opened up my eyes this morning, and was like… “YEEEAAAS!!!! It’s Valentines Day!!!!” and I threw the blankets to the side and in a jump I got out of bed.


All that was missing was the power pose at the end after I landed on the floor!


Can you imagine the scene? 😀

For realz, as cheesy and commercial as Valentine’s Day is I finally, finally, FINALLY get to admit to myself that I LOVE Valentine’s Day!

Way back when, as a pre-teen I secretly loved it but never admitted because that was a sure-fire way to feel disappointed. I knew my crushes wouldn’t send me Valentine’s fun stuff 🙄

As a teen things didn’t get any better either.

Then for a short period as a young adult…. oooohh….. the joy! Flowers and gifts would show up for me during that time and it was all so delicious yet…

I truly felt uncomfortable receiving them. Like I didn’t deserve them.

Then when married…. oy…. special treats/outings for that special date were not to be expected.
On the rare occasion they did occur…. well, let’s say that at one time I ended up in a VERY hot little black dress in an even hotter high red heels….. at a sports bar! {*insert crying emoji here*}


So…. Valentine’s Day was something I learned to look the other way and pretend I didn’t care otherwise I’d be disappointed.


Interesting thing, as it always goes with our perception of life and the beliefs we create around it…. what goes on in the inside reflects on the outside.


All those experiences were a reflection of what I believed Valentine’s Day was to be for me.

Like… doomed LOL

Early on in life I interpreted Valentine’s Day sweetness as not being something I could relate to or “doesn’t happen to me”.

The brief time I actually could enjoy it and was receiving it, I felt underserving of it. On those moments, I still had that lingering fear that this is something not meant for me. It was uncomfortable to receive. It was meant for others, my friends, yes, but not me.

Then later in life when I’d think celebrating that special day of the year would be a given {because I was married} it turned out not quite. Every year I’d expect less so it would hurt less.

Point being love….

Do you see how **I** was creating this pattern?

I interpreted one situation {back as kid} as the ultimate truth in my life and carried that with me.


I didn’t feel worthy of feeling special during V-day and that reflected back to me – or I was with people that didn’t care for Love Day, didn’t see the meaning of it and I had to pretty much beg to have some sort of happening every single year OR when it happened and I got to experience the sweetness of Love Day fun, I didn’t feel that it was for me. I felt uncomfortable receiving it.


And so over the years, I’d shrug my shoulders and tell my self I didn’t care that much for V-days.


Truth be told thou, I LOVE Valentine’s Days! 😀


And it is a relief to be able to admit it! It is liberating to say to myself that I woke up excited today just because it is V-Day even thou I am single AF! 😄


I LOVE the heart shaped cookies in coffee shops, the extra tacky pinkish and redish decor, sales all about cute knick knacks that have ‘love’ and hearts printed all over it.


✨✨And that, my love, welcoming the feelings we have inside, not bottling them up, being open and fully experiencing what we enjoy, is how we shift our belief of how things are meant to go for us.✨✨


Anything that you have in your life, an event, an object, a place, anything that you feel unease about….. look at it. And then follow up with the steps:

1❣️Trace back in your life what happen that you attached certain meanings on those dates/events/objects/etc.

2❣️Note any patterns that had happened throughout your life about that. Did you ever get to experience the exact opposite of what you expected? How did you feel about it? {Like me getting love and attention on V-day at some point in life but feeling uncomfortable about it}

3❣️How would you like that date/event/object to show up in your life? Did you ever had a secret love for it but was afraid to admit it? {like I was about V-days, out of pure fear of disappointment} Be honest and tell yourself the truth – what does that thing REALLY mean for you – before the one incident happened that “locked in” certain beliefs about it?

4❣️Truly enjoy that new/rediscovered meaning and really make it happen for you! Embrace it! Make it yours ❣️


Now love, I’m off to go see/feel/experience this delicious pink-n-red, heart filled day! :))


And if you are about to go spread some love, and need last minute tags… I gotcha! Love Day Tags to rescue right here ❣️


Many Heart-Shaped Smooches to you,




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