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Happy almost weekend, beautiful!

I’m SO excited to finally be posting something here about art and a short story on how it came about.

You know…. for a while now I’ve been having that itch again…. that itch that tells me to keep moving – like literally moving! – to find a brand new sparkly place for me to be.

A new city to call home.

‘Funny’ thing I realized thou is that I’ve been in search of that home city for a long time now. I’ve been searching for years – to be vaguely precise {I’m so funny! 😎}

A while back when I was determined to be in NYC I knew I’d find something there.

I was almost sure that what I’d find was the feeling of being home.

You see sweets, I was born and raised in a city very, very similar to NYC. Busy, crowded, polluted, noisy yet deliciously diverse, full of culture, museums, concerts, plays, interesting ‘happenings’ ready to please and amuse any kind of taste and mood.

I left my home town 15 yrs ago to live in a tiny country town. A cute village actually, where everybody knows your name {didja sing “Cheers” opening while reading that? ๐Ÿ˜€ }.

Anyway, it was a delicious little town – Fresh air, nature all around and overly friendly people. It was great yet, while living there I dearly missed my home town {home city! 12+ million people!}

After that, I lived in 5 more different cities and 2 different countries.

All of them full of adventures, excitement and good times yet, in the background there was always that feeling of missing ✨home.

After all those years I was still missing my dear home town.

Or so I thought.

When I was off to NYC I was determined to find home. I was suuuuuure it’d be there. After all it was such  similar city to where I grew up, why wouldn’t I feel home there?

The thing is I realized that it all felt.... familiar..... very familiar...... but not home.

I can hear you say “Well, yeah Raine! Home is the city you grew up. That’s what you are aching for. Can’t patch it up with “look-alike” cities!”

hmmm… no…. it is not really that.

Interesting enough I have no desire whatsoever to go back to live in my home town {city! city! It sounds so weird to call such a gigantic city a ‘town”} – for right now at least!

I see news on the latest ‘happenings’ over there, read blogs of peeps and their day-to-day lives and it really doesn’t feel like the city is calling me at all.

But ✨h o m e✨,yes….. That one has been calling me for a while now.

It’s been a little over a year that I left NYC and if you’d ask me a few months ago if I had any plans to go back to live there I’d say without any hesitation “YES! I def am! I am SO exhausted of moving around thou. SO MUCH work! I need to feel settled for a while before moving again!”

Welp….. I’m feeling settled and rested.

So I started itching again to find home. 

I started all the journaling and ‘self-coaching’ I do when  I need direction.

And as I was journaling and painting my heart out, this darling started coming out.


All throughout the process I kept asking myself the questions needed.



What did I like and dislike about NYC at that time? What do I like and dislike about where I live right now? What does the city I want to go to next look like in my mind?



Most importantly, I asked my self….

How does home feel?

And this sweets, is the answer I got from all the inside digging I’ve doing for the past few weeks:



So obvious, isn’t it?

Home✨never leaves us.

Home is always there, we just need to remember it and connect with it. Nurture, give love, water…. and it’s there, blooming 🌷🌸

Of course after painted and scanned I formatted so you can carry it at all times with you in case you need the reminder just like me. ๐Ÿ™‚

And we are getting fancier this month!  A TABLET version is included! ๐Ÿ˜€


The whole set is available to download in my shop.
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Have loads of fun with it and don’t forget to take good care of your flowers. 🌷🌸

Many Smooches,