✨When you miss an opportunity…🥀

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✨Helllloooooo you beautiful being! ✨

Can you believe it is D-E-C-E-M-B-E-R?!

And not just December, but MID-December almost!

I, for once, actually can. 😀

After many consecutive years {like 5!} of feeling appalled and breathless by my inability to hold on to the days as watch them slip through my fingers turning into entire years right before my eyes, I am SO glad to say that this end of 2018 feels very well-paced and it was time to arrive.

Feels good, a wrap up as the entire year felt LIVED. Not rushed, not pressured, not heart-pounding at every corner. I actually felt HERE rejoicing being alive.

Cheesy, huh? 😀

But true. Even the bumps in the road felt pointing me back to presence and truly BEING in the moment without trying to push through it. Without forcing my way pass it.

What was the shift from previous years to this one? I can’t say for sure yet. I hadn’t done my Yearly Debrief yet, however…..  the last week of November was a crazy psycho one that almost brought drama back in.

{It was Mercury Rx… coincidence? 😎}

That week had all the potential – have I let it – to turn into one of those heart-pounding-where-do-I-run-to kind of situations.

But it didn’t!

The tools I’ve been developing and practicing  over the years to see past the situation and feel my way out of stress were right there, handy for me to use constantly throughout the week. And all was peaceful again. As it has always been….

The whole shebang reminded me how in years pass I’d be carried away by circumstances like this and completely forget how all is well right here in this very moment.

✨And so I gave myself a pet in the back for doing better this time ✨For giving myself the gift of choosing to be at peace regardless.

And then I went doodling. 😀

My love, this is meant for you as well, of course!

As the year wraps up here is a very well-deserved trophy for MAKING TO THE END OF THIS YEAR! Wherever goodness or not so good things happened throughout, you made it over here in one lovely piece.

You learned and most importantly unlearned what was necessary to shape a better life for you and the ones around you.

And this is no small feat. It’s HUGE! Grab your trophy, name it wherever you want and proudly display it. I’m giving myself multiple trophies this year 😀

Now before I let you go, one more thing.

A few weeks ago was Thanksgiving here in USA and all the posts in my feed were focusing on being grateful and all. Good to do that throughout the year regardless not just on an official day of Thanks, ya? However a few posts caught my attention when they were talking about “look at the silver lining and be grateful” –  as in, if something didn’t happen the way you wanted, something better was on the way or it wasn’t meant to be.

That reminded me of a little something I experienced the week before Thanksgiving and how I was beating myself for a “missed opportunity”.

There was something I REALLY wanted to happen during that week. There were SO many logistics that needed to fall into place magically, that I didn’t believe they would do. I didn’t believe the opportunity would be there. There were too many variables for that.

Yet they did magically fall into place!

All of them.

All beautifully resolved.

And so I went for it, ya?

Nope. I wasn’t ready for it.

*I* didn’t get ready. Everything else was ready, all tiny details, but me.

I was SO mad at myself.
My mind was racing.

“Why didn’t I believe it would all work out? Why didn’t I get ready knowing that everything else will be ready as well, ON TIME!” 

“After all those years of absurdly manifesting every single tiny thing I’ve wanted and more, left and right, after all that PROOF that everything I want IS possible and yet, I doubted this one?”

“And because *I* didn’t believe enough to take action *I* let it all slip through?

I was beating myself up for hours thinking of the missed opportunity I just let pass when it came to me….

“You know what? Yet AGAIN, this is just one more proof that wherever I want IS up for grabs. Wherever I want to experience in this lifetime there is a conspiracy in favor of it and there always will be. THIS is just proof that this experience and any experience are there for me and when I want to go for it again, everything will be cleared, arranged and moved around to make it happen once more.”


There are NO missed opportunities. There are only examples of what is possible.

Until the last minute I could have said ‘yes’ to the magically perfect circumstances and went for it. However I knew my lack of preparation would make everything a heart-pounding-stress-inducing experience and I’m not here for that anymore.

It’s was a wonderful feeling to not go for a ‘yes’ out of fear of missing an opportunity. It was liberating to say ‘no’ trusting that the whole situation will arrange itself again and I’ll be intentionally ready for a ‘yes’.

So my love, my point with today’s post is to ask you to look at those “missed opportunities” and do not beat yourself up for “missing” those. You didn’t miss anything. They were showing you what is possible. And that whenever time you want, it will all arrange itself again so you can say ‘yes’ to it. {if you want to!}

Look closely, there is something in there.

Not a silver lining kind of thing, but a proof that things can present itself to you as you wish. It was done once, it can be done twice, thrice, as many times you need.

List all the times you think you missed an opportunity and thank them for SHOWING you what is possible. And then plan accordingly ;))

Have a wonderful week love!


Hey, love! I'm Raine.👋🏼

Artist, designer and believer that ✨joy & fun✨ are a MUST in our lives. My hope is that my posts will bring you a giggle, a smile, and also remind you {when you happen to have forgotten} of the importance of your own happiness – to yourself and to those around you.

Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨


  1. Mary A. Murdock

    bring back the calendar,please?

    • Raine

      I will try this year but can’t guarantee

  2. Angélique

    Miss your calendar lovely you

    • Raine

      Angelique!! So good to see you 😃 I just remembered now that I totally drop the ball on that custom calendar you asked me to do 🙆🏻‍♀️ So sorry! This year I might be able to retake them. Not sure thou… Regardless, thank you for sticking around all those years 💖✨

  3. Sirkkis

    Hello there ?
    Thanks for opportunities!
    Happy PPF ?

    • Raine

      Happy PPF <3

  4. Sarah

    Lovely thoughts and so very true! I love your doodles too! Happy PPF from Number 18 😀

    • Raine

      Thank you Sarah! {love the number 18 ID 😀 }

  5. Tracey

    Sounds like you have had a wonderful and fulfilling year, i’m hoping for one of those next year! Super little uplifting sketches.
    Happy PPF Tracey

    • Raine

      it definitely was! Thank you Travey :)) It is coming next year for sure! <3

    • Raine

      thank you! :))

  6. peppylady (Dora)

    Sure looks like a friendly lady bug.
    Happy Painting and creativity

    • Raine

      hahaha, yes definitely she is! 😀

  7. renee-anij

    an excellent way to look at things and know that whatever happens, BE READY for the next one! sometimes i jump in anyway, for the sheer thrill of, i did it! clumsily, like a dork, but i did it!


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