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Hellooooo beautiful!

It has come to my attention that today is Artist’s Day!

Or at least in Brazil it is 😀

Doing my daily feed browsing on Instagram I kept seeing posts {in Portuguese} celebrating “Dia do Artista”. Didn’t see one post in english so I’m guessing it is just down there.  {I’m so smart!}

Regardless…. even if today is *not* Artist’s Day anywhere else,  I’ll take ANY excuse to talk about art and make art! 😎

So I set up shop:


And illustrated this juicy quote:


There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.
~ V. Van Gogh


Perfection for the occasion, isn’t it? 😍

And it turned out so cute!

It's Artist's Day! |


Ooooppsss, the quote is missing! 😁



Yeah…. it didn’t fit. I was using too small of a paper 😏 But nothing that can’t be adjusted with some strategic picture taking and photoshop. 📸

So, a shout out to all of you lovelies, putting yourself out there, aiming for the core of it all {the heart & feelings, of course!} and blasting straight on it all your goodness to brighten people’s life and make a better world ??

Now, speaking of which…. art, love, courage…. putting yourself out there….

This other juiciness popped on my feed today:

and what fuels us is not love

but the courage to love

when it is not guaranteed

to be returned.

~ Jon Lupin

And it got me thinking {or reminded me actually} of instances where I heard people saying when  referring to relationships “what am I getting in return?” or “what’s in it for me?”

To say that I cringed a little {a lot!} with those statements {and variations of those} is an understatement.

What happened to the mere goodness of BEING with someone, around someone, part of someone’s life? Since when has relationships {with friends, partners, family} become about ROI? Since when it has become a business transaction?

There was even an odd situation when I saw the pic of a soon-to-be-mom. In the caption the dad was celebrating them both and said something along the lines  “….and I can’t wait to give him love and receive it in return”


Say what?


I blinked a few times and re-read the caption like a couple HUNDRED times more.
He is a dad…. and he is giving love…. to receive love in return? 


Call me crazy for still believing that at least parents are capable of feeling unconditional love towards their children. Giving them love without expecting anything back.

As in, putting out Love into the world {their children} simply for the sake of love.

Well, well,  fine….. I might have teleported myself from a parallel world where there is no Love’s ROI and I hadn’t realized that yet. Who knows! *sigh*

However, reading Jon Lupin’s poem reminded me of those musings I had with myself a few months back and had to illustrate it.

Here is to all of you brave peeps that aren’t expecting something ‘in return’ and are courageous enough to put your heart out there and on the line for the sake of Love 💖



Oh, and I’m not done yet! 😀

Today was the Art-Blast over here!

I took the “Artist Day” seriously, hehe

So, finally yesterday I accomplished a huge milestone — going through all 200+ blog posts! Streamlined everything and left published only what is relevant right now. Still need to go through them all and adjust links within posts  and stuff but at least the big clean up is done!

As I was going through them all, how delicious it was to see all the illustrations I created for …. the sake of creating them!!

And that is what I have for you today – besides the other two ones above that were inspired by a poem and a quote.

An illustration just for the sake of it.

And of course there were pearls and blue hair involved!


And red lipstick 💄💋


And a star on the tip of her hair! 🌟


The final desk overview


And then here she is in her full sparkly-blue-pearly glory ✨🦋


So good to be able to post things like that again ☺️

And if you made it all the over here, THANK YOU! I appreciate you and the attention you put on what I create 😍

✨Have a wonderful weekend! ✨

Talk to you again soon!