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….things get much harder to follow through.

Have you experienced that?

Something  that used to be all fun and giggles “all of a sudden”, without you realizing, starts getting harder and harder to keep going.

That is how I was feeling about LimeTreeFruits for a looooong time.

Till recently actually. I could see a sparkle here and there as I’d sit down to blog, but not quite as before.

I knew something kept pulling me towards it so I didn’t completely abandoned it, but in the times the sparkle was back I wasn’t very sure what was behind it – what was the motivator. Or I wasn’t really thinking about it to be honest.

I’d just feel that burst of excitement and go for it because I knew it was short-lived. So I wanted to make the most of it. And when it was gone, I’d just let it be gone. No fighting it.

Anyway, the past few weeks while riding that wild ride of excitement I started reviewing all my past posts {from day 1!} of the last 7 years {*gasp!*}, to adjust images since I knew some were missing.

And that’s when it came to me!

Gradually the fog started clearing out in front of me and I understood!

Back in the days, in the very beginning years, it was all about FUN and JOY
sparkling Joy as Marie Kondo would say ✨ 😀

And then I got so wrapped up on the “shoulds”, on how/what LimeTreeFruit’s path was “supposed” to look like that I got drowned in all of it, forgetting the main reason of it all – FUN!

Digging through my old posts brought all those feelings back and I started longing for the days I’d grab paper, paint and brush just for the sake of it and start creating.

Oh, the fun of those wild beginning days!

Soooo on I went with that new found discovery – blogging and painting for the fun of it.

Groundbreaking, huh? 😃

Adding an extra layer of sparkle to that fun + joy, I did something I’ve been meaning to do for AGES!

Paint in a coffee shop.

*gasp!* the adventure!

I always see peeps posting pictures on Instagram doing exactly that and for wherever reason I’d *want* to do it as well, but thought that just the profesh were allowed such a pleasure. As if they’d ask my credentials and the Art Degree Certificate at the coffee shop before the first brush stroke or something. 😅

Sooo this time I beat my mind’s non-sense and was there full on at a coffee shop, making art and sipping tea. 🍵🎨 The dream! 🤩

Oh, and as I mentioned above, my very own blog archive truly inspired me to get back to the core of when I started it all and in special this ‘lil old fave of mine. She is what inspired this week’s painting.

Any resemblance you see there…. totally on purpose!



Looking at the details:



And a close up of what I’ve been trying to focus on, mindset wise – being totally unbothered by anything and everything! 😎



I’m so far for it, in all honesty but still illustrating that attitude so I can maybe, magically, incorporate that in my own life. Hehe

Here’s the final view:


And that is that!

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading it till the end ;))

Talk to you later!