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Sooo…. continuing with my last post,

Finding the my why : JOY, FUN, EXCITEMENT

I’ve been starting my days with that.

Sketching, painting and illustrating to be more precise.

And it has been working wonders! The days shift!

Instead of squeezing in at the end of the day a couple hours of “guilty pleasure” right before bed, I am actually spending some quiet time right when I wake up letting the creative juices flow.

Sometimes that means just writing for myself. Other times that means complaining about the cold 😆

Which in this case turned into an Illustration to Spring. Like when people write “A Letter to _______”, I created “An Illustration to Spring”.

To let it know it is welcomed, you know? And that we have been waiting for it eagerly and that an early visit would not hurt anyone 🤗

Most importantly to let it know we can FEEL it wanting to be here with us, we can FEEL it in the air…. and we are ready for it! 🌸🌷🌿



Some close ups of that Spring ‘feels’ :


Flowers! Please we need to see flowers out there! 😍


We can sniff it in there air…. it’s almost here! 🌸


One more birds-eye-view:



And the final illustration:



I am READY for some flowery-nature time! 🌸🌷 What about you? 😃