When we project our crap on other people

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Tell me if this has happened to you?! 🥴 — Projecting your own crap on other people?

Welp, it is totally normal, love, totally normal  and even expected depending on the situation! {see more below}

We know our stuff, we know to look within for answers as well as to look within while interacting with other humans out there.

Yet sometimes things just slip.

Specially when we are getting into a new level of self-awareness that we hadn’t experienced before.

We are not used to being on top of THAT much self awareness 24/7 and some good ‘ol patterns will sneak up on us and see the light of the day again — when we least expect.

Nothing to beat yourself about!

👉🏼 Take a deep breath *as soon* as you notice yourself doing that, pause, shake it off, reframe it and pick up from there.

The sooner you acknowledge it the better. And the sooner you forgive yourself for that, the better too! {this one is key!}

We are all a big experiment that we get to perfect and polish up the results as we go – every time more and more. 💎

Us humans are just gorgeous inside out, aren’t we? 😀

Happy Saturday, loves!








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Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨


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