✨👉🏼When the system is not broken, what do you do?

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Happy new week, love!

Thankfully a brand new started, coupled with a brand new month!

This past weekend was a heavy, emotionally loaded one here in USA and I want to talk about this for a bit.

I’ve been, like many, horrified by what has happened {really, who isn’t?} yet there’s this nagging reminder that comes up on circumstances like this, every single time —

This was not a first, this is not new, black people have always had, and continue to have the short end of the stick while every single minute of their lives being very well aware of it. And we are not.


Non-blacks remember it when horrid things like what happened to George Floyd…. gets out there and in the news.


Meaning, it needs to get out there and be in the news, otherwise we {non-blacks} have the privilege to go on our merry days, shutting it off and not thinking about it too much or at all.


It is really a privilege to be able to tune out oppression.


And so of course, the weekend was absurdly intense. The week is shaping up to be the same but the thing is…..it will not end there.


Even when this one “settles in” {for lack of better word} more will continue to keep happening in the background until another horrific one gets to the be seen in the news again. And the cycle of non-black ‘appalment’ {invented a word} starts over.


What I came here today, love is to remind us all {the non-black people}, that this is not it. It doesn’t end there.


This won’t be over until we have the courage to look and be aware of the unconscious bias existent that allowed racism to be perpetrated for centuries due to ignorance and fear.


Like Brene Brown said, the system is not broken it was built this way.


{click the pic for her whole post}

So I came there today to tell all black community subscribers of this newsletter who have been tagging alone on my journey through LimeTreeFruits, that I am really really deeply sorry this is a constant in your life and we had barely started to dab into the traumas caused and the effects you have to endure till this day. And that I am here with you, listening and seeing you.💝


And to also remind us all, non-black folks, to go beyond this past weekend. WE actually must do the work to change things if we truly believe that injustice happening is…. well, injustice.


I wholeheartedly believe that the work starts within.

It starts going in {as it always does} and doing the inner work to shift believes, perceived ideas, and unconscious bias that have lead us to where we are today.


Coincidentally {for sure not!} this weekend I was reading a book and in it that was this passage talking about how something so cruel to other humans actually happened through the Nazis:


"The larger group called Humans, which, if it did nothing else, allowed itself to remain indifferent and apathetic to the suffering in Germany until it reached so massive a scale that even the most cold-hearted isolationist could no longer ignore it. [...] It was collective consciousness which provided fertile soil for its growth. [...] The thing to remember: Consciousness is everything, and created your experience. Group consciousness is powerful and produces outcomes of unspeakable beauty and ugliness. The choice is always yours"


I truly believe on each of our part on creating a better world and a much better collective consciousness.

And for that, again and always, starts with us — it starts within.


The discomfort to look into our shadows, own our part in the matrix and change it needs to be surpassed. It is way overdue.


Like I saw someone saying on IG — people who are used to do spiritual and mindset work are used to the discomfort of facing their shadows. This is no different. There’s no excuse to not do the inner work.


Wherever books, podcasts, blog posts, youtube channels you have been browsing about during this time, make sure love, it goes way way WAY beyond this past weekend.


It is a process and we are in this for life.


Now to my dear Black followers.


There’s this hypnosis and mindset coach I’ve been following for a while who happens to be brilliant!
💎This week she is hosting a group Healing Coaching Session for Black folks to help heal racial trauma and oppressive energy.


It’s all FREE and happens online!



As you can see as well, dear white and fellow white-passing people, who are here to help others and support their lives — she is also holding a free group training on how to hold space for Black & Brown clients. So so so damn needed!


You can click the image or the links below to sign up for each:


>> 6/4 Group Hypnosis Session: Heal Racial Trauma & Oppressive Energies
>> 6/6 Communication Training: How to hold space for Black & Brown Clients

AND her IG handle as well in case you want to follow her >> Juliet C. Obodo


Phew! That was a long one!


💝May we all move forward from this with a much much better understanding of each other experiences and our impact on others people’s lives.


Much love to you and happy new week!





✨PS – this showed up on my feed today. In the words of the person who originally posted : “The Houston Chronicle, a conservative newspaper, in the city where George Floyd grew up and where he will be buried. Maybe, just maybe the needle is starting to move.”

I actually feel really hopefully that change is possible….✨💝



Hey, love! I'm Raine.👋🏼

Artist, designer and believer that ✨joy & fun✨ are a MUST in our lives. My hope is that my posts will bring you a giggle, a smile, and also remind you {when you happen to have forgotten} of the importance of your own happiness – to yourself and to those around you.

Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨


  1. Blake Freedom

    This is so beautiful, thank you! You have such a wonderful and healing voice. I wanted to comment that this oppression is not just toward black people but all people of color. (You mention non-black when honestly the correct term is “white”). My partner is Mexican-American and he faces the same issues. He does not feel safe in white neighborhoods. He has been stopped by police several times walking down the street to his friends house, minding his own business, doing nothing wrong. He can’t leave the house without his ID, God forbid the police single him out. It has been heartbreaking to begin to understand the struggles he faces every day. I am now truly beginning to understand white privileged. It’s heartbreaking. But the solution and healing begins with awareness, thank you for being a part of that! It doesn’t stop there so we must keep going, keep educating ourselves, keep supporting our fellow non-white humans. Also thank you for those resources, they are wonderful! Much love ❤️❤️❤️

    • RaineB

      Heeeeeyy beautiful! So good to see you! 👋🏼

      Thanks for reading AND dropping a comment! I am so glad you found my voice healing. This is dreamy to hear/read 💞

      Now, on your note about suggesting I say ‘white’ instead of ‘non-black’….. with all due respect and loads of love {you know I love ya, right? 😍} —- Nah! I meant the way I wrote it –> all non-black people not just whites.

      What is going on right now *is* about Black people. And anyone who is not Black plays a part in it.

      Yes, discrimination and marginalization happens to all POC {I’m Latina – ‘member? 😉 – and have been experiencing it since the day I got here} however every group faces its own challenges and we do not suffer equally from the effects of institutional racism.

      Right now is about Black-Americans and how **all** non-black people hold privilege. This, of course, doesn’t invalidate anything anyone has gone through.

      I understand thou because of your partner’s privilege compared to yours, you might not be able to see this at this very moment.


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