When self-care doesn’t feel good

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When Self Care doesn't feel good | LimeTreeFruits.com👻Happy Halloween, loves!🧟‍♀️

How’s the sweets, treats and party recovery going over there?

Over here, I’m already brand new! Sharp as always 😄

Truth be told, the day OF Halloween I was fighting some really bad period pains all day long and ended up falling asleep on the couch watching Friends — right about the time I was supposed to leave home.

And it was….. glorious! 🤩

Because here’s the thing, love —

Not pushing yourself when everything in your body is screaming to not be pushed and to allow rest IS hard and it is NOT our usual behavior but it is necessary.

All the shoulds, all the “here-I-go-again-breaking-a-commitment” {see last post on more about it} came through strong, including the big disappointment of not wearing the costume I’ve been planning for a month {shocking for a last minute person like me!}

But I knew what I had to do regardless:

Listen to my body and let it rest.

Let it work through the cramps and its process.

Self-care can be off sometimes and seems like the most inconvenient thing ever. Which is when we need it most.

If you feel it’s needed — go for it, love. Regardless and always.

Wishing you a beautiful and bright rest of the day! ☀️


📸: below is a pic of the hot and sexy AF flapper that never was 😁


I even practiced the hairdo during the week!
I’m so ready for that bday costume party you’ve been thinking about. Just let me know when! 😏







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