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✨The GORGEOUS Baroque Filofax✨

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The Search for the Perfect Filofax | Part 1 | LimeTreeFruits | The Baroque Filofax ::

Loves, for real….. has it ever been a more beautiful planner created on Earth other then the one and only…



Has it, has it?

Rhetorical question. The answer is ‘no’, obv! 😏

Today we are continuing the The  Search  for the  Perfect  Filofax  Saga and oh boy, the deliciousness of un-dusting this blog post!

‘member in my last post I showed you my very first Filofax, and the naiveness of my writing believing that I had found THE one perfect planner right off the bat? 😀

LOL! How cute!

So back then,  I got to my senses pretty quickly and in less than TWO MONTHS I was petting yet another one already 😎

The sneakiness! 😁

But really, can you blame me? Right at the beginning of my planner journey I had a BAROQUE Filofax in my hands already!

So today directly from LimeTreeFruits Archives we are going back in time to….

the UNBOXING of the drop-dead gorgeous Baroque Filofax.

So so so so good!

So much so that as I read that post from years back, I grabbed the Baroque and petted her a bit while writing you this post 😀 She’s been here by my side all this time 😍



Isn’t she the cutest? 😀

Now love, lemme tell you that the Panner Quest DOES have a happy ending which I’ll talk all about it once the Get Planned Course is open for enrollment again.

Meanwhile, let’s bless ourselves with this Baroque unboxing juiciness, shall we?

Click right here or the image below to read the full post!

The Search for the Perfect Filofax | Part 1 | LimeTreeFruits | The Baroque Filofax ::

Meet ya in there :))





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