The #1 mistake when starting out as a VA👩🏻‍💻

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Today I have a very juicy topic for you, love!


When I first started working online and specifically as a Virtual Assistant there was this thing I kept doing and circling back to it without noticing.


To say it was holding me back it’s a huge understatement.


It kept me walking backwards really.


Thing is, it was not super visible if you weren’t paying attention or looking for it specifically.


Lemme give you a few examples:

  • I saw nothing wrong with clients TEXTING me at ANY time of the day when they came up with a brilliant idea. {As in texting my personal phone at wherever hours it was for them. Never mind time zone differences. Ugh!}
  • Meetings for “quick check ins” would go off the clock, meaning no pay
  • Working on the weekends and actually booking meetings on a SUNDAY was my normal practice because you know… clients were busy during the week and that’s when they could meet me. {*sigh*}
  • Last minute re-scheduling also normal practice
  • I always and without failed…. WAY overdelivered. As in almost entire new projects added in. Worse yet, some clients would ask for more assuming that if I did all this much I should just do this other much too.
  • Payments for services already delivered would go on weeks, sometimes months without payment.
  • Undercharging was the norm
  • Scope creep was also the norm
  • I did not have a clear and easy system to onboard new clients {contracts were all over the place, payments had no strict schedule and neither had my office hours}
  • I did not have defined workflow + systems in place  to actually woth with the clients {I *really* dislike Facebook messaging for instance yet I would change all my routine and approach with the app to accommodate clients’ needs because that was the only way to get them to respond to me!}
  • Letting a potential client “interview” me in the discovery call.
  • and so much more


Now love, reading through it you might think “wowzers, that is a lot to adjust, A LOT of different things you had to work through Raine!”

Not really.

The thing is love, if you read this list carefully you see that all goes down to the same thing:


My own perception of myself and my work.

Meaning – how much I valued my time, my expertise and my work


In other words…. Mindset


You see, none of those boundaries would ever have been crossed have I been very clear WITHIN MYSELF from the get go of the work I do, the people I want to serve and most importantly of the business I was building.

For years I approached my work and my business as a full time freelance “gig” that required a lot of time and energy from me.

And I truly just thought that’s how it was. “Working on my own is hard”, I’d tell myself, “that’s just how it is. I need to put in the hustle”.


When finally things started to click that…

  • it is just hard if I make it hard
  • people will respect my boundaries if I …. create some in the first place!
  • the more I take my business seriously and work ON it instead of IN it all the time, the more solid and easily it will grow


So pumpkin… as you are getting ready to start your own business as a Virtual Assistant, I ask you that you do an inner check in right now and feel into it:

👉🏼How are you perceiving this new venture — is it a time consuming side hustle? or a hard-to-see-results unknown beast? or maybe a “useful” hobby that maybe you will monetize someday? or a temporary patch up for some down times?

None of these – or variations of those – will make this journey any easier or more profitable for you, my love!

Always always keep front and center that your MIND will play a huge factor on how your business develops and that…


From day ONE your mindset will be imperative to your consistent progress.


Not even kidding or over exaggerating.

When the beliefs, throughs and perceptions we have about ourselves and our reality changes, everything truly changes with it.

‘member that famous quote from Wayne Dyer:


If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


Yeah. In business it’s no exception.

🔥 Which is why mindset work is going to be KEY to all the things we will be covering in the upcoming VA course. You truly don’t want to miss it love!

Meanwhile as I get things ready for us and if you hadn’t check it out yet, the Virtual Assistant Essential Tolls Starter Kit is packed with info AND actionable items for you to get started right now moving the needle towards this darling business of yours! Don’t miss it!

Talk to you again very soon!





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