🏷 FREE printable and Digital Packet! {while it lasts 😎}


Did I tell ya, how EXCITED I am that,

the SHOP is about to open again!


I didn’t tell ya, did I? 😎

Welp, that’s what I’ve been cooking lately.

Slooooowly, reaaallllyy slowly but surely, tiny steps for months and I finally, finally can TASTE it! I can taste the shop back up and running any minute now!

And since I love me some celebration and as we are so absurdly close to re-opening it,  I decided to bring the party on mode a bit earlier.

I’m throwing out here a ‘lil treat to get you warmed up 🤩

A brand NEW Art downloadable kit, ready to celebrate Spring!

{Or at least it’s an attempt to hurry it up 😆}



This brand NEW kit includes:

  • Desktop/Laptop Wallpaper
  • Tablet Wallpaper
  • Phone Wallpaper
  • Filofax Personal Size Page
  • Filofax A5 Size Page
    AAANNNDDD a brand new format ……
  • A high res version of it so you can print it, frame it and actually hang in on your wall!

In other words…..

An Actual WALL ART!!!! 😃🖼

I recommend using archival paper to make it very durable + high quality and/or take it to a print shop to have it juuuust right. Then frame it and hang it!

The best of it all?

ALL FREE!…… while it’s here, sweets!

Meaning, while the shop is under construction it will be sitting right here waiting for ya. Once the shop opens, it will move over there and it will be waiting for you over there at the shop. 😀

So grab it while it’s free!

All links below

{pssst… because of the white background if you click through each, they will look like they are all the same file but they are not. Each one of them has the right format for your gadget/planner/wall ;)) }


Sooo Got it? Saved them all?

Great, now a ‘lil observation on the inspiration of today’s downloadable kit. ..

‘Member my post from last week? Where I show-cased close ups of this darling?



Welp…… this current Illustrated Kit, might or might not be the digital version of it. {of course it is! 😄}

Those Procreate adventures are turning out to be wild… really really wild! 😎

Have a lovely rest of the week, beauties and never ever forget to have fun!

I talk to you again soon.





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