🦎✨When we peel off old layers

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Hellllooooo my favorite!!

Hope you had a great weekend and are excited for the new week ahead!

Over here, there was this curious and unexpected visitor in my place.

A lizard🦎✨

And I wasn’t very thrilled when I first saw her.

You know those moments when we stretch our arm to grab something without really looking at that thing but then we look just when we are about to grab it? … well, that’s when I saw her. Right there, my hands almost touching her. WAY too close 😁

We both startled.

I jumped back with a scream and she did some vigorous twerking as a result of my scream. No one was happy. LOL

As the day went by, I couldn’t figure out how to help her get out of my place so I just let her be.

And then I noticed something…

She was shedding!

She was HEAVILY shedding.

✨From afar, all that transparent skin curled up around her body made it look like she had this white aura around her.

{👼🏻 Like an angel on the ledge of the window, seeing through the glass, observing peacefully and reflecting the sunshine in her beautiful “aura”


I am so funny, I know!}

But really, bad jokes aside 😁, she had way too many skin sections peeling off of her and it got me thinking about how much energy reptiles need to use to literally take their skin off and let a new one underneath be seen and shine.

And I of course, being the curious cat that I am, went right to my trusty friend google to learn more about my unexpected new friend.

🦎Apparently reptiles take 1-2 weeks to shed. During that process they don't feel their best, their vision is impaired, they get irritated easily and their new skin is very sensitive.

Sounds familiar? 😀

Because THAT is something we need to take into account…. in our own lives.

Hear me out, love, hear me out!

👉🏼 When we are going into a different level in our lives, even if we are not fully aware we are doing so, we are having to let go of parts of who we were.

👩🏼‍🎤It is the good ol’ identity shift.

We decide something new for our lives, we commit to it, we focus on it, our attention is in that direction and we start moving towards that. We behave differently, our routines and/or priorities change.

🌱 We are becoming someone new.

Even if slightly, that new version of us is there… emerging.

Think about big life events, like when people get married or have kids. There is a HUGE shift and we all have seen or experienced that first hand. From single, to dating, to engaged, to married, to having new humans to care for. Within each transition people become anew and change how they perceive themselves and how they show up in the world, leaving the old identities behind.

All those examples we can see the transition clearly, right?

Then there are the more subtle peeling off of old layers — when people decide to change careers, start a business, pivot their current business, change their physique, become runners or weight-lifters, etc.

👉🏼 Those also require a deep level of changing who we have being up till that moment.

When we are ready for it, decide and are fully committed, we began the process. And again that new part of us that we didn’t know existed begins to come to light. And the old is left behind.

🦎 Now back to my lizard friend

{she’s still here btw. She moved herself to the living room 😁}

The fact that during their own skin shedding, lizards don’t feel their best, their vision is impaired, they get irritated easily and their new skin is very sensitive can totally be applied to us.

In all the examples of life-changing events above there is a level of…

🔸 not feeling our best and questioning the new path/identity.
🔸 having impaired “vision”. Not knowing exactly the path ahead, what awaits and if in the big scheme of things what we are on right now is actually how it is supposed to look like
🔸 getting irritated. Transitions and new situations even if GOOD ones can be nerve racking. Irritation and sensitivity follow right along with it.
🔸 their new skin is sensitive. Now this one rings some extra bells!🛎 Of course getting used to our new version doesn’t happen overnight. Solidifying a new way of thinking and being happens daily, every moment more and feeling uncomfortable in a new way of being is expected in the early days {or even weeks!}

📌All that process that we go through is real, my love.

And as such, my reminder for you today is….

❤️ Be easy on yourself as you are shedding old skins, old versions of yourself and need time to rest and process.

Give yourself time, and softness and restfulness as much as possible.

Just like my lizard friend that is going through a lot and needs the space and safety to finalize her process, so we need as well.

Any transformation you are going through right now, don’t push harder because “life moves on”. Because life does move on, with or without us pushing hard, so remember to choose, as much as possible, to give yourself time and place to go slower, rest, recharge and rejoice in this new you that is emerging right now.

You are so worthy of that softness and transformation❤️

Now love…. this week — eyes peeled over here!👀🦎

👉🏼 I’m relaunching one of my favorite courses on processing, releasing and becoming anew and it couldn’t be a better time to do this kind of change as we prepare to officially enter the mid-month of the year!

Plot Twist is next and it is calling you! 😉

Keep tuned!









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