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I woke up yesterday feeling very overwhelmed.
So many projects I have in mind and ended up committing to a few big ones.

Thinking of all the gazillion things I had to squeeze in on my weekend before Monday hits again, I just wanted to turn to the side and fall sleep again.

But I didn’t.

Well, I did turn to the side but I didn’t fall asleep.
My eyes landed on the book on my nightstand that I have been reading tid-bits here and there: SARK’s Make Your Creative Dreams Real.

“Hhhmmm, sure…. maybe I can read a few more pages of this book instead” I thought.

And there it was as it happens on those situations – I picked up right where I left and it was exactly what I needed.


I just read two pages.
Have you read any of her books?
If so you may recall that she has it written in huge fonts and drawings that take all over the page. So in a regular book kind of font, I think I read only half page.

It was all I needed.

She was talking about perfectionism and procrastination. I learned that the later is usually a result of the former.

Flashing news for me!!!  I really didn’t know that.

As she went on explaining it all made sense.

✨I then, had a moment of intense insight, did a theatrical move out of the bed, sheets flying all over the place, and I felt victoriously waking up to a “mid-year” resolution:


I am not listening to my perfectionism anymore.


I am getting things done instead. 💪🏼


No more “this could be better, I can’t release it yet, it’s not ready. ”

And then {as it goes!}, my very first result of the resolution came out shortly after in late afternoon.

I finished – hence, I EASILY finished – a huge step of a project and already got far ahead into the second step of it.

Feels so good!

A great enlighten day, that’s what yesterday was.  :))

Cheers to shutting down {yet again} our inner critics! ✨🥂




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