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When we operate on Autopilot

Hello my love! Have you ever thought about how sometimes we can easily shift away from difficult situations? How sometimes we just do or don't do...

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When something triggers you

Finally boot weather is here in Cowboy Land! 🥾🤠 Now, coincidentally or not, I just got my booty kicked by a friend today.😁 A very casual voice...

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The old patterns that die hard

Old patterns when left unchecked will keep running the show. Because things that need attention but we avoid looking at, will always find their...

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Give yourself what you need

Happy weekend loves! Who’s working on Saturday and who’s actually off and chilling? 👉🏼Reminder for the day, specially for entrepreneurs :...

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When we don’t go for it

Ok loves, I know we all have been in this situation: 👉🏼 Something new and exciting is ahead of us but the fear and concern with all that could go...

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